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Androgynous, Avant Garde Menswear from Shane Newton

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ZSADAR is an Australian menswear label founded by fashion designer Shane Newton in 2010. Known for a distict avant garde aesthetic, garments are design-led with focus on tailoring, drapery and form. ZSADAR is a 100% Australian label, with all pieces being designed and produced in Western Australia. Recently we were lucky enough to have a chat with the man behind the brand to discuss the story of ZSADAR, his inspirations and what the future holds for this menswear fashion label.

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Who is the name behind the ZSADAR and what is your background? What does the Zsadar specialise in?
My name is Shane Newton and I started my menswear label ZSADAR with no formal fashion training. My background is actually graphic arts and communications. The brand specialises in directional, avant-garde menswear that is 100% made in Australia.

How did it all start for ZSADAR?
For many years I had wanted to create avant-garde garments for myself that were of high quality and used luxurious fabrics. In early 2010 with no experience designing clothes or running a business, I launched ZSADAR in Western Australia with an all black, 14 piece Spring/Summer collection called ‘The Creature in the Mirror’. All of the garments were made in Australia using top quality fabrics, including merino wools, cottons, linens, silks and jerseys.

In July 2011, ZSADAR was invited to participate in STYLEAID 2011 which is Perth’s largest fashion fundraising event for the WA Aids Council, as well as the Perth Fashion Festival 2011 in September where it received ‘Best Event’ by industry members. The ZSADAR runway show was also named as one of the top 10 most memorable highlights by the Festival (see the video below).

What are the future plans for the ZSADAR?
Future plans include expanding the collections into the east coast market of Australia as well as overseas. I’m working on more risqué and directional designs for the future collections. As the life of the label grows I’m more comfortable designing pieces that challenge and break the rules of conventional menswear, yet at the same time can become staple pieces that can be worn for many years. Future collections will also include more experimental use of fabrics, including distress and dyeing techniques.

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw inspiration from.
I’m particularly inspired by designers who use fashion as a platform to express an idea and those who cause a reaction. Designers like Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens and Yohji Yamomoto have been inspiring, from their runway shows, to designs, to ideologies of what fashion is and what it can do.

Who is the ZSADAR Man? Name the ideal celebrity that reflects your labels style?
It’s difficult to pinpoint the aesthetic of ZSADAR on to one person because the aesthetic does change from each collection. However, an avant-garde theme is evident in every piece so the ideal ZSADAR man would be someone who is confident, appreciates good quality clothes and is able to separate the difference between obnoxiousness and pride.

Australian actor Xavier Samuel would be someone who reflects the qualities of ZSADAR. His ability to dress for any occasion shows he understands style and can gauge when it’s appropriate to dress up or dress down.

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Where is the ZSADAR stocked?

The complete ZSADAR Spring/Summer 2012 collection is available online from www.zsadar.com and is also available from FATHER in Claremont Quarter, Perth, Western Australia.

Visit the official ZSADAR website, here.

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