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Art noveau and art deco inspired jewellery from Zoe Sernack

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ZOEMOU is an Australian boutique accessories label founded in 2005 by artist Zoe Sernack, following an extensive career as an accessories buyer and designer for some of Sydney’s top boutiques. It was during her time in retail that she realized a love for designing and creating contemporary and artistic jewellery.

Inspired by art movements of the past, such as art deco and art nouveau, ZOEMOU started out as a range of laser-cut necklaces, which were immediately well received by the fashion press and critics alike, Zoe had made her mark on the Australian fashion industry. The brand was soon collaborating with some of Australia’s finest designers for capsule lines and for their catwalk presentations as Fashion Week.

Zoe has also built up an impressive celebrity following thanks to her creative ability and evolving talent – forever experimenting with new materials, the ZOEMOU collections are crafted from luxurious materials such as silver, gold and resin. As of 2012 the jewellery label was stocked in exclusive boutiques in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Alongside her successful ZOEMOU line, Zoe also has a second jewellery label ZM925, which concentrates on versatile pieces for men and women of all ages. Primarily a silver charm line, ZM925 is quirky and fun, perfect for the sneaker freaks and hip hop girls and b-boys. Inspired by subculture and popular icons the brand’s charms have been seen on many a celebrity, including Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon, Lily Allen, Eryka Badu and Good Charlotte.

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In the September of 2009 we were lucky enough to have a little chat with Zoe, the amazing lady behind the brands to find out all there is to know about ZOEMOU…

Who is behind ZOEMOU and ZM925? What is your backgrounds?

I’m Zoe Sernack and I’m the designer of ZOEMOU and ZM925. I am a practising artist, who has a bachelor, and a few other diplomas related to Fine Art. I’m a Sydney girl, who has always been interested in fashion, and have a family history in the rag trade. When I left art school, I concentrated on painting and exhibiting my work throughout galleries within Australia, working at fashion stores, such as Zambelli, Leona Edmiston, Nicola Finetti between exhibitions. It was in retail that I really learnt the importance of customer feedback and what was lacking in the industry – original and beautiful forms. I also worked with companies designing their accessories for their stores, learning so much about production and quality control.

When and where did it all begin for ZOEMOU?

While I was working in retail, I started an accessory label with a good friend, called ‘Catch and Kiss’, which proved instantly popular. We were soon collaborating with designers such as nookie and Marnie Skillings and regularly featuring in the likes of Vogue and Harpers Baazar with our jewellery.

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Time passed and I really wanted to explore a few more avenues, so with a love of leather I started ZOEMOU in 2005, with another label ZM925 soon following. Since the inception of ZOEMOU, I have collaborated with Daniel Avakin, Silence is Golden, Sara Phillips, Nicholas Morley to name but a few., as well as regularly being involved in Australian Fashion Week, giving me great exposure.

What is the story behind the name, ZOEMOU?

The name “ZOEMOU” translates to “my life’ and was given to me as a childhood nickname while living on the Greek Islands – A young Costa, would come looking for his playmate, “Where is my zoemou?

What do you hope to accomplish with ZOEMOU? What is the ultimate dream!?

I want to accomplish so much!!! I feel like everything is going so well, and I have been really blessed – I have collaborated with some incredible designers that have inspired me to create unusual and wonderful accessories.

I would love to create a limited edition clothing line, both easy going striking casual clothes, with some beautiful one off couture pieces. I want to start designing belts and bags, like I have done in the past…and maybe even shoes…The world is my oyster, and until my creativity stops I will keep designing. Working with other creative minds, really inspires me so I really hope I get the opportunity to continue to collaborate with more great fashion designers and labels.

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If you could pick someone famous that best represents the ZOEMOU style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person would you want wearing your label?

I have been very blessed to have some great people wear my jewellery. I love so many celebrities styles, and I would love Rose Byrne, Cate Blanchett, Isabel Lukas, Sienna Miller, and of course Kate Moss to wear my jewellery….But really, I love anyone who loves ZOEMOU to wear it – the best compliment is from a stranger!

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what inspires you?

Alexander McQueen has always been a favourite. he just knows how to exaggerate form, but is also so in tune with elegant simple shapes. I also like Anna Sui for her girly yet strong edge; Gucci for its timeless edge on the fashion industry; as well as, Japanese designers, for exploring form and colour. Australian designers I love are Fredrich Gray, he has such a wonderful dark sensuality to his clothes; Daniel Avakian for his great jackets; and Gary Bigeni who uncomplicates draping to make incredible forms. I am inspired by all these people and more – anyone who takes a risk and wants to explore new ideas is always going to influence me.

Complete the following sentence: You should buy my fashion label because…

…You will stand out and will be noticed. You will feel strong yet feminine and you will be remembered!

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