Wrism Designer Footwear & Shoes

Wrism – A boutique Australian Shoe label

Wrism Footwear by Matt Green

Wrism Footwear and Shoes

Up-and-coming footwear label Wrism is the brainchild of Australian designer Matt Green. Matt spent a few moments with Australian Fashion Review, reflecting upon how Wrism all began.

Please introduce yourself Matt and tell us about your background.

I studied a double bachelor degree at uni. Then worked for a multi national company in marketing. Got jack of wearing a suit and pretending my interest in such a mundane environment. While working, founded and managed a small Music / Events / Touring company (Lick It Media) on the side, which in itself was a big inspiration in following my inner calling in pursuing other creative endeavours. No formal ‘fashion’ training, but in the mix of all this, did study Graphic Arts / design.

How did the Wrism label begin?

Scarily… I always knew that somewhere along the line, I wanted to set myself a challenge and create something for myself. I had no idea what that was and fuck knows exactly how or why Wrism evolved. But whatever it was or is, it has a strong hold over my creative conscience and mega ambition. The actual inception came about while I was living in Sweden, milling around, shoe shopping when this preposterous concept of designing footwear scattered my sub-conscience. I picked up a shoe off the shelf analysing its composition and design briefly thinking about the possibilities, but quickly squandered the outrageous idea and moved on. A few years melted by, with this absurd relentless concept continuing to rattle and defy my logical rationale. At this point, flamboyant dreams were a disturbance and so was the question of insanity. So ‘insanely’, as a result, the ‘calculated’ decision was made to act on these experiences. And so Wrism was born.

Wrism Footwear and Shoes

What can we expect from Wrism in the coming collections?

Not exactly sure, as have put so much time and energy in getting this first range out there, but do have a few ideas. We did 15 styles initially which was way too much for production. So maybe a few of those styles will be thrown in the mix. Either way, expect a diverse mix for all walks with simple clean lines, understated detail and some unique colour tone leather combinations. And a more defined custom rubber/leather sole.

What do you hope to accomplish with your footwear label? What is the dream!?

Obviously the dream is BIG. We’d like to think that Wrism will become a credible honest shoe label that generates a sound a rapport with its desired counterparts. At this stage we ultimately would like to establish a strong presence across Australia. With the hope and plan of going bigger in the future.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

Its what people achieve that is inspiring, not necessarily ‘fashion’. Wrism was and is inspired by an amalgamation of stuff so it’d be inept to pinpoint.
But a combination of sounds, feelings, emotions, movements, rhythms, shapes, visuals, etc that are invoked via the various sub cultures and cross sections that the male partakes and constitutes
i guess is what ultimately inspired and inspires Wrism.

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your shoes?

If we reallllllly had to choose, Mick Jagger stomping around onstage in a pair of ‘blasphemy’ boots would be pretty gnarley. And or Johnny Cash perched in his chair.

Complete the following sentence: Wrism footwear is unique because:

Some unbeknown soulful force made this happen. And we saw some sense and opted to oblige.

Wrism Designer Footwear & Shoes

Wrism Designer Footwear & Shoes

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