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Fashion designers Emma Fitzgerald and Maryanne Edwards are set to shake up the Australian fashion scene with their up-and-coming womenswear label ‘wonders cease’. With their mid to high-end collections, the duo aim to create garments that are boutique-exclusive, financially accessible and fashion forward, yet timelessly chic. The founding friends chose the name wonders cease after Emma read somewhere “What if wonders cease?” and on discussing that idea they concluded that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. If everything we planned for turned out exactly the way it was expected, then in essence you could create your own outcome. To the duo, their brand name represents taking things into your own hands, putting in the best effort you can and accepting what comes out of it.

Wonders Cease Designers

wonders cease co-founders and designers, Maryanne Edwards and Emma Fitzgerald.

The wonders cease signature aesthetic is directional yet wearable, with each piece balanced with some form of dichotomy – such as sharp tailing with soft detailing, or a simple silhouette in a luxurious fabric. The collections generally lean towards the minimal, with interesting design details or embellishment forming the focus, with most garments being made from natural fibres and produced locally.

Recently we were lucky enough to interview co-founder Maryanne Edwards, to get the scoop on the story behind the brand.

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Where did it all begin for wonders cease? / How did wonders cease come about?

Emma and I were working for other labels (we met at college), after leaving afore mentioned positions we wanted to broaden our horizons, so as a project we put together a sample collection for Summer 2009 and see if there was much interest. We’ve now completed 7 collections together and the interest keeps on growing.

We love the story behind how you chose the wonder cease name – your collections always have interesting titles such as a ‘A Matter of Light and Depth for the Winter 2012 collection, how do you come up with them?

We named one of our first collections ‘The light of darkness’ and then after that we just kept playing on variations of light that related to each collection – each collection is just a new exploration of a theme we’ve worked on before. Fashion to us is light, just a bit of fun, something we love to follow but we know it’s not brain surgery. Also, I love writing, so naming collections and garments is my only chance, I take it and run with it.

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What are the future hopes for wonders cease? What is the ultimate dream!?

We’ve just had a temporary retail space for the last 6 weeks and that was a small dream realised so we’d love to expand on that – to have our own store, with a studio out the back, stock a few local accessories labels too.

The ultimate dream would be Natalie Portman viewing a look book and sending a note to say ‘I must have every piece!’.

Who are your favourite designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

We love Balenciaga for their modern tailoring, simple yet futuristic shapes and incredible fabrics; Alexander Wang for making sportswear chic; Prada for their quirkiness and quality; and Marni for the fun styling and colours.

Our friends and customers inspire us, we create pieces we think they’ll love based on what we have learned from previous collections. Travel certainly gets the creative juices flowing too, Em and I try to travel together at least once a year, Tokyo is a favourite spot for design inspiration.

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If you could pick a person/object or concept that best represents the wonders cease style, who or what would it be? When you think of Australian fashion, what comes to mind?

It’s somebody that appreciates the subtleties of a beautifully made piece, whether it be a garment, an object or a cup of tea. It’s a woman that takes pride in her treasures and feels best when her clothes portray a modern yet timeless aesthetic. She doesn’t mind spending money on quality when she knows she will have something for years and she’ll feel special every time she wears it.

Complete the following sentence: wonders cease is unique because…

It’s just Emma and myself taking each piece almost entirely through its process of creation, from original sketches to creating paper patterns to fabric and trim selection, cutting and sewing toiles and eventually cutting it in its end fabric and handing it to our sample machinist. There’s a real sense of ownership and achievement as we bring each piece to life and I think the wearer can sense the energy that has gone into their garment.

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Visit the official wonders cease website, here.

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