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Boutique Australian tailored menswear by fashion designer Mark Ferguson.

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Combining tailored craftsmanship with directional style, Wil Valor is one of Australia’s most well-respected menswear labels, offering the finest in tailored suiting and shirting, as well as, ties, cufflinks, belts and socks. Priding themselves on creating the perfect fit, Savile Row trained Master Tailors use the finest fabrics to create custom made pieces that give the wearer confidence.

Recently* we were lucky enough to have a chat to Mark Ferguson, the brains behind the brand, to find out all there is to know about Wil Valor.

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Where did it all begin for Will Valor? How did the label come about?

Wil Valor was originally branded Precision Tailors, which was established in Townsville in March 2005 after two years of research, sourcing, training, determination and passion from Director Mark Ferguson, whose idea for the business came out of a need to be well presented in the corporate world and the inability to find off the rack clothing to fit his 6 foot 5 frame.

Initially run as a part time foray into the fashion industry, an overwhelming demand for the products and service the company offered saw it become a full time business in August 2006 with a strong niche marketplace position.

An annual increase in demand guided the expansion into Brisbane in 2006. Through word of mouth significant growth and demand continued, showing we needed to properly support growth. Then we began the workings of a franchise system as we wanted to assist people in making the most of opportunities. We have just signed our first franchisee in Brisbane and looking to expand.

Our collection our MBFF was our launching pad into the fashion industry and the feedback has been all positive.

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Tell us about the signature brand aesthetic, who is the Wil Valor man?

Perfect Fit, Correct Colour, Unique Style.

Our clients appreciate the expertise we provide. We provide the perfect fit, because we would be happy with nothing else, we provide the correct colours for the clients complexion, hair and eye colour and assist in styling them to either be unique, classic, contemporary or funky. Whichever style suits them…

Wil Valor is the man our clients already are or who you aspire to be, cool, stylish, sophisticated & knowledgeable. A man’s man, a gentleman, he’s charming, especially with the ladies and this is something that comes naturally to him.

He’s ambitious, chivalrous and courageous, the man you are when you feel confident in what you are wearing…

What are the future hopes for Wil Valor? What is the ultimate dream?

Set up a international network of partners in business (Designers/Franchisees) with the same philosophy as me. Show in New York, London, Paris, Milan.

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Who are you favourite designers an what about them inspires you? Where else do you draw influence from?

Tom Ford – the way he pushes the boundaries… Nature’s colour palette…

When you think of Australian fashion, what comes to mind?

I believe we are somewhat hidden, I think we should look at getting more international exposure especially within the Asian market.

Complete the following sentence: Wil Valor is unique because…

We combine personal service with the Perfect Fit, Correct Colour and Unique Style.

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*Interview took place in October 2012.

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