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Womenswear Fashion Juxtaposing Delicate Drapery and Strong Tailoring

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Introduction to the White Suede Fashion Label

In 2004, Australian designer Jacqui Demkiw began creating womenswear pieces to refresh her wardrobe. The resultant one-offs showed she has the technical skills to launch a fashion label of her own – ‘White Suede’ was born. Jacqui chose the White Suede name as it conjures up vintage image, whilst also describing the juxtaposition in the label’s designs – soft fabrics contrasted with strong tailoring – white being a colour contrasts with suede being a texture.

Soon after inception, things started to move quickly for the womenswear label and in 2006 the brand began its international expansion in 2006 after a successful showing of their Spring/Summer 2006-2007 collection at Australian Fashion Week. Following the critically acclaimed show the brand received interest from one stockist in the UK, two in New Zealand, a buyer in Italy with nine boutiques, as well as from buyers from Indonesia and the US. Although interest after a runway show doesn’t always translate into sales, it was a sign of things to come for the White Suede fashion label.

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White Suede garments and collections were soon gaining international recognition, regularly featuring in the in some of the world’s most prestigious fashion publications including Harpers Bazaar and UK Vogue. In 2008, White Suede showed their collection in a solo show at On/Off at Autumn/Winter 2008 London Fashion Week, cementing their place on the international fashion scene.

As of 2011/2012 the White Suede fashion label continues to appeal to discerning fashionistas aged 19 to 35 across the globe, being stocked by some of the world’s most prestigious boutiques in Paris, LA, New York, London, Copenhagen as well as boutiques throughout Australia. Additionally, the White Suede fashion label has three standalone store boutiques in Sydney, Chadstone and Prahran.

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Aesthetic of the White Suede Fashion Label

For each of the White Suede collections, Jacqui Demkiw, creates garments with a distinct bohemian flair, inspired by all things vintage, childhood dreams, architecture and photographic imagery. The design philosophy conceptualises contradictions between modern, sculpted designs and soft drapery to create unique silhouettes. The majority of all the brand’s designs are still produced in Australia with innovative fabrics sourced from all over the world.

Future of the White Suede Fashion Label

Expect to see the White Suede label continue to produce beautiful womenswear collections to be shown at Fashion Weeks, both in Australia and overseas. Additionally, the brand seems set to continue with its international expansion on its journey to becoming a truly international fashion label.

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Visit the official White Suede fashion label, here.

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