Vanishing Elephant Fashion

Vanishing Elephant Menswear Fashion

By Felix Chan, Huw Bennett & Arran Russell

Vanishing Elephant is an Australian menswear fashion label based out of Sydney. Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Aaran Russell are the three names behind Vanishing Elephant, a label that is stocked worldwide including Japan, Hong Kong and the USA.  Locally, Vanishing Elephant is stocked in major retailers such as General Pants and Fat4.

Australian Fashion Review was lucky enough to catch up with Felix Chan for a few quick words regarding the fast growing Vanishing Elephant label.

Q1) What are the backgrounds of yourself, Huw and Arran? How did Vanishing Elephant begin?
We’ve all been around in the industry for a while, I [Felix] had a background in sales and did some buying, Huw previously worked at Ksubi and also had his own sales agency, and Arran previously started the label Marshall Artist and worked at Mahirishi.

We’ve all been friends for a while, and it was quite a natural progression for us. We really wanted to create something that reflected us personally and return to a cleaner, more refined and gentlemanly aesthetic.

Q2) What is the Vanishing Elephant Dream?

A House in whale beach and early retirement.

Q3) Where do the Vanishing Elephant team draw their inspiration from? Are there any favourite designers, labels or celebrities that influence their style?

I think we generally draw most of our inspiration from more natural and organic influences. Our last collection which will be in store in January – March [2010] was based on the Australian landscape, really working on textures and colours. This season, we’ve found inspiration from an amazing era book we found, so there really isn’t a fixed idea that we work our ranges around.
There are definitely labels out there that we respect and like, there are some great Japanese labels like Whereabouts and lines like Patrik Ervell and Albam. We all obviously still appreciate labels like Margiela etc, but we’re really just making clothes that we like.

Q4) What can we expect from Vanishing Elephant in 2010 and beyond? Any expansion of ranges/collaborations/diffusion lines??

We do have some really exciting possible collaborations happening in the near future, but nothing we can really reveal. For us, we’re just looking to establish ourselves in the international market. We’re really comfortable and happy with what we’re doing domestically, and we do work with some amazing stores internationally like OAK NY, ODIN NYC, Blackbird Ballard, and Harvey Nichols in HK, so the natural focus for us will just be growing that side of the business.

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