United Constructions – A Perth-based Fashion Label

A fashion label from Australian designers Jill Crabb and Helen Miraudo

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United Constructions Fashion Label

United Constructions Womenswear 2012 01

Perth-based womenswear label United Constructions was founded in 1996 by Australian designers Jill Crabb and Helen Miraudo, who both already had extensive experience within the fashion industry. The design duo soon became known for their fashion forward and androgynous, developing a cult following not only across Australia and New Zealand, but also internationally, thanks to the rise of the online retailer.

Since inception, the brand has maintained a design philosophy that takes a unique approach, focusing on grunge, wit and glamour, with the aim of creating directional fashion that pushes the boundaries. The label’s strong design aesthetic forgoes current trends and fads, instead choosing an off-kilter approach, which often starts with the deconstruction and manipulation of traditional tailoring. Inspiration comes from Jill and Helen’s own sense of humour, as well as everyday objects, current affairs, artists, overseas countries and cultures.

United Constructions Womenswear 2012 02

As of 2012, the United Constructions collections are available in selected boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand, a full list of which can be found on the brand’s official website. In September of 2011 Australian fashion review blog were lucky enough to have a chat with the duo behind the brand for a few quick words about their label.

Who is behind the United Constructions fashion label and what do you specialise in?
‘united constructions’ is a collaboration between Jill Crabb and Helen Miraudo. It is a designer womenswear label.

How did it all start for United Constructions? When and where was the label founded?
The womenswear label was founded in 1996 in Perth, and garments are still manufactured in Western Australia. Unusually this designer label does not follow current trends, it has a strong design aesthetic which offers a perfect balance, but also a contradiction of grunge, wit and glamour.

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What are the future plans of the label?
In the near future the plans for this brand will be to stock in Asia such as Japan and Malaysia, ‘united constructions’ hopes to sell to UK/Europe/USA in the future.

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw influence from?
The designers behind this brand hold great respect for the traditional craftsmanship of the old design houses. In homage, all the label’s garments are beautifully made on the inside as they are on the outside.

Name the ideal celebrity that reflects United Constructions style?
The likes of Rinko Kikuchi and Agyness Deyn

United Constructions Womenswear 2012 04

Where is the label stocked?
Various stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand which you can check at the official website.

Visit the official United Constructions website, or check out United Constructions fashion collections on Australian Fashion Review Blog.

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