TV Clothing Label

Designer Womens’s Clothing by Monica Tywanek & Ingrid Verner

Monica and Ingrid kindly agreed to catch with Australian Fashion Review for a few quick words on their popular boutique fashion label TV.

Q1) Who are the names behind the TV fashion label and are your backgrounds?

Ingrid – Fashion, RMIT University Melbourne

Monika – Textiles, RMIT University Melbourne

Q2) When and how did it all begin for TV?

Ingrid – I worked on our first collection during my forth year at RMIT.  We collaborated from there and launched the label the following year at the Melbourne Fashion Festival Designer Awards.

Monika – I collaborated with Ingrid on some knit pieces in her honors year at university. We decided to enter the collection under the label ‘Tvanek. Verner’ into the New Designer Awards, the country’s most coveted fashion prize.  Surprising many, including ourselves, we won!  Essentially receiving the recognition from our peers and the $10,000 prize money was the catalyst for starting our label.  We changed our label to TV because not everybody could pronounce our surnames.

Q3) What do you hope to accomplish with the TV fashion label? What is the dream!?

Ingrid – Balancing the creative with the business side is our focus for the future.

Monika – To be industry leaders with our peers and be respected for developing exciting new designs, textiles and ideas. To establish TV on an international platform and to always keep surprising our devotees by challenging what TV is both conceptually and aesthetically.

Q4) Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

Ingrid – Often from the natural world, the textures, colours and shapes.  Sometimes in pushing the boundaries of taste, re-interpretation and in the search for new combinations.  While the constant theme across each TV collection is the interplay between my designs and Monika’s expertise in textile development.

Monika – Influences stem from every day life and in particular from the visual arts, film, travel, music and books.  My friends also provide constant sources of inspiration.  Ideas often come from the fabric too.  I always react to fabric.

Q5) Complete the following sentence: Our fashion label TV is unique because?

Ingrid – Our aesthetic is bold, uncompromising and playful… Kate Bush meets Linda Jackson, via Neneh Cherry… elegance imbued with a wry sense of humour; exploiting its Australian roots without falling for the cheap clichés of cringe.

Monika –  It’s Innovative, quirky and luxurious! We try to balance the eccentric with the classic.  The effect is conceptual yet tongue in cheek and light.

TV Womens Clothing Melbourne

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