Top Women’s Swimwear Trends for Spring/Summer 2012-2013

Top Women's Swimwear Trends 2012 - 2013

Regular readers of Australian Fashion Review will know that we are all about promoting the best in Australian fashion, featuring all you need to know about your favourite Aussie designers, as well as showcasing the hottest seasonal collections. But we also want to make sure that our readers are getting the best out of our growing fashion industry. That is why we have created a series of special posts – we have already gave you the scoop on the best places to buy Australian designers both in-store and online, as well as letting you in on the finest Australian bloggers to gain inspiration from.

Since we like to spoil you, we have also recently started creating a seasonal trend edit, sharing the hottest trends both the girls (you can click here to view the top womenswear summer trends for 2012/2013) and the boys need to be rocking. Well now there is more, as we bring you our selection of the best swimwear you fashionistas need to be rocking on the beaches in Summer 2012-2013.

As with womenswear apparel, there are a number of key trends with each new season of swimwear. Luckily for you, we have a heads up on what is hot for Spring/Summer 2012-2013. So ladies, shed those layers, and get buffed and bronzed in preparation for an incredible season for swimwear.

The Top Australian Women’s Swimwear Fashion Trends for Summer 2012-2013

Swimwear Trend A: Neon Pop

Vibrant neon brights are a major trend in womenswear for Spring/Summer 2012-2013, which has carried over to swimwear. The trend takes its influence from the 1980’s, with vibrant neon yellows, pinks and oranges coming straight from the retro rave scene. With colours so vibrant, bronzed skin is a must to avoid the skin taking on a ghostly, bluish tone. Keep cover-ups simple to complement the neon shades – think over-sized crisp white shirt and simple denim cut-offs.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - Neon Pop

Neon Pop (L-R): Colin Heaney (Image Source), Suboo (Image Source), Amore & Sorvete (Image Source).

As Seen In: Suboo, Colin Heaney, Lisa Blue, Amore & Sorvete, Anna & Boy.

Swimwear Trend B: Cute Crochet

Trims and detailing are just as important in swimwear collections as they are in the ready-to-wear lines, often setting the tone and theme for the whole range. In swimwear for the Spring/Summer 2012-2013 season, it is all about the cute crochet trims that give a retro hippie chic appeal seen on the beaches in the 1960’s and 1970’s. To keep the look relaxed and effortlessly boho, remember the over-sized floppy hat, loose open kaftan and wooden beaded accessories.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - Cute Crochet

Cute Crochet (L-R): Suboo (Image Source), Tigerlily, Lisa Maree (Image Source)

As Seen In: Tigerlily, Lisa Maree, Suboo.

Simwear Trend C: Marvellous Metallics

A season cannot go by without some form of metallics hitting the runway. For Spring/Summer 2012-2013 ready-to-wear it was all about sparkling sequins, but for swimwear its all about the disco era. Think glittering lurex and super shiny lame adding some effortless glamour to both the pool and the beach. To amp up the glam add some towering wedges, oversized sunnies and a bronzed glow.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - Marvelous Metallics

Marvellous Metallics (L-R): Lisa Blue (Image Source), Jets (Image Source, One Teaspoon (Image Source), White Sands (Image Source)

As Seen In: One Teaspoon, Tigerlily, Lisa Blue, Jets, White Sands.

Swimwear Trend D: Club Tropicana

It’s hard to think of swimwear without thinking about palm trees, sunshine and idyllic tropical beaches, so what could be a more appropriate Spring/Summer 2012-2013 swimwear trend than stunning tropical prints. It is all about drawing attention so colour is key – choose a bold eye-catching version or black silhouette prints against a vibrant colour-rich background.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana (L-R): Isola by Megan Gale (Image Source), Anna & Boy, One Teaspoon (Image Source, Camilla (Image Source)

As Seen In: Anna & Boy, Tigerlily, Isola by Megan Gale, One Teaspoon, Camilla, We Are Handsome.

Swimwear Trend E: 1950s Retro:

Whilst the catwalks for the ready-to-wear collections have focused primarily on the looser more relaxed silhouettes of the 1970s, it was to more structured, ladylike shapes of the 1950’s that were popular on the swimwear runways. Think feminine floral prints, long line bustiers and high-waisted knicker style bottoms, with cover-ups coming in the form of pencil skirts, Capri pants and breezy kaftans.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - 50's Retro

1950’s Retro (L-R): White Sands (Image Source), Surafina (Image Source), We Are Handsome (Image Source).

As Seen In: White Sands, Surafina, Queensland Swimwear Company, Anna & Boy, We Are Handsome, Lisa Blue, Collette by Collette Dinnigan, White Sands, Suboo, Tigerlily.

Swimwear Trend F: Punchy Prints

A trend also seen on the ready-to-wear, punchy prints have also found their way onto the swimwear catwalks. Motifs come in a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns – influence has been taken from the most exotic environments, think Middle Eastern market, African tribes and South American Aztecs. Geometric, floral and paisley prints have also seen a resurgence so when it comes to print there really is something for everyone. Give the prints centre stage with simple cover-ups – denim daisy dukes and relaxed chiffon shirt.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - Punchy Prints 01

Punchy Prints (L-R): Kooey Austalia (Image Source), Mambo (Image Source), Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins (Image Source)

Summer 2013 Swimwear - Punchy Prints 02

Punchy Prints (L-R): Camilla and Marc Swim (Image Source), We Are Handsome for Ben Sherman (Image Source), Collette by Collette Dinnigan (Image Source).

As Seen In: Lisa Blue, Kooey Australia, Camilla and Marc Swim, Isola by Megan Gale, Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins, Collette by Collette Dinnigan, Mambo, We Are Handsome for Ben Sherman, One Teaspoon, White Sands, Seafolly.

Swimwear Trend G: Real Photo Prints

It isn’t just graphic prints that are popular this season, real photo prints are also a key trend of the season. Cult swimwear label We Are Handsome are leading the charge with vivid photographs emblazoned across their entire range, ranging from a snarling tiger to a panorama of a Las Vegas motel.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - Real Photo Prints

Real Photo Prints: We Are Handsome (Image Source)

As Seen In: We Are Handsome, Molly & Polly.

Swimwear Trend H: The Cutaway

There is a reason why we have left the Cutaway until last as it isn’t so much a trend anymore, instead becoming a swimwear staple, an evergreen that persists season after season. Whether is be classic cut-out detailing on bikinis or the extremely popular monokini, the cutaway is always a safe bet to be in style on the beach.

Summer 2013 Swimwear - The Cutaway 01

The Cutaway (L-R): White Sands, Lisa Blue, Suboo (Image Source).

Summer 2013 Swimwear - The Cutaway 02

The Cutaway (L-R); Kooey Australia (Image Source), Carla Zampatti (Image Source), Lisa Maree (Image Source).

As Seen In: Lisa Blue, Suboo, White Sands, Carla Zampatti, Jets, Kooey Australia, Zimmermann, Lisa Maree.

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