Toi Et Moi Fashion Label

A boutique Australian label by Gill Lawrence

French-inspired fashion for women

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Toi Et Moi Fashion

This is not first-time Gill has impressed Australians’ with her chic fashion designs. Gill is the founder (ex-owner) of fashion labels Mermaid Sister and Milk & Honey, two labels which were in part-domination of the womens youth market for a number of years. Now, Gill is focusing her energy on a new label named Toi Et Moi (french for ‘you and me’)

Gill kindly caught up with Australian Fashion Review for a quick session talking about the french-inspired label Toi Et Moi.

Please introduce yourself Gill and tell us a bit about your background.

Hi my name is Gill (image below), I’m 33 years old (as at June 2010), I live in Sydney and my passion is fashion (hee hee).

2010 marks the 10th anniversary since I began my first label Mermaid Sister. My fashion background started with the birth of that surf label all those years ago, and has flourished (with trials and tribulations in between) ever since. I can now say I have an extensive fashion background, but I have learnt everything about design, fashion sales and marketing and production from the ground up. It’s an enormous job, but very rewarding the day you wake up and can officially say ‘I know what I’m doing’.

Gill Lawrence - Australian Fashion Designer

Your previous label Milk & Honey has given you an exceptional platform to launch the Toi Et Moi label – how has it influenced your styling and direction?

Well the styling and direction was always my own, and that only changes as my personal tastes and influences change. So Toi et Moi really is just a continuation of my design style. The difference this time is the ‘French aspect’ which is a result of my life and love.

What is it about french styling that draws you in?

The french street style is still so feminine (unlike some of the other major cities) and I really love this. Even the ‘thrown together’ look has a sophisticated, gorgeous feel to it. Looking back at the history of fashion, the French Chic style has appeared over and over, capturing the essence of the riviera and St Tropez through to the timeless fashions of modern Paris. My husband is french we spend as much time in Paris with his family as possible, and it’s just deepened my love for all things frenchie.

Toi Et Moi Fashion - French-inspired Clothing

Toi Et Moi is already doing exceptionally well across Australia – what are the future plans?

We want to make sure the business sits below saturation point, so it’s accessible but not everywhere, and then turn our attention to the overseas market. We are also looking into expanding our product offer to leather goods and cute french inspired jewellery. Oui!

What are your favourite fashion labels?

I still love Tsumori Chisato, and always look forward to shopping in the Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno stores in Paris.

What individual/s best represent the Toi Et Moi label?

Our style icons would be julia restoin roitfeld and alexa chung.

Toi Et Moi Fashion - French-inspired Clothing

Toi Et Moi Fashion - French-inspired Clothing

Toi Et Moi Fashion - French-inspired Clothing

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