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Introduction to the Toby Jones Jewellery Label

Toby Jones’s journey into the world of jewellery design began with a chance encounter in 2001, when he was on a ferry on the way to do some volunteer work at an ad agency. At the time Toby was studying for a BA in Design at Sydney Design College when he picked up the paper and saw an advert for a job at the street/surf label, Insight. He applied for the job and upon receiving an interview decided to drop his work experience – luckily for Toby the risky decision paid off and he got the job.

Toby was to work for Insight for two and a half years working on creating graphics for t-shirts, working on designs coming from the chief Creative Directors. Tony says “it was my job to drum up other people’s imaginations. I was pretty much someone else’s pen.” Although Toby looks back fondly of his time at Insight, the brand-focused work eventually became too numbing – he was yearning for something more creative.

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This led to Toby teaming up with his friends Tom Edwards, Paul Wilson and Thorsten Kult to start his own design company, The Revolution. The design company brought Toby three years of design work, designing whatever her could, before deciding that it was time for a new challenge. Jones entered the world of freelance design, mainly producing work for cult Sydney-based fashion label, Ksubi.

In 2006, Toby made the switch to jewellery design setting up his namesake label, ‘Toby Jones’ and launched his first collection, entitled ‘The Loot’ to almost instant critical acclaim. Soon Toby was one of Australia’s most celebrated jewellery designers, collaborating with the likes of Monster Children (on a miniature pocket knife necklace) and Ellery (on a jewellery line for a catwalk show).

As of early 2012, the Toby Jones jewellery collections were available through some of Australia’s finest boutiques including, New South Wales’s Ksubi and Edition, Victoria’s FAT4 and Incu, and Queensland’s Violent Green and Angus Black. Additionally, the brand’s collections were available in several international boutiques including New Zealand’s Black Box and Good as Gold, and Japan’s American Rag and Circus.

Toby Jones Jewellery The Look

The first Toby Jones Jewellery Collection – ‘The Loot’

Aesthetic of the Toby Jones Jewellery Label

“All Killer, No Filler” – Toby Jones

Toby’s designs have a certain DIY appeal, even though his pieces are meticulously made from precious metals. Each piece of jewellery is unique and distinctive with a minimal design aesthetic. Each collection starts with a single idea, which develops into a theme and then into a range of jewellery including necklaces, earrings and rings.

Future of the Toby Jones Jewellery Label

In the future of the Toby Jones jewellery label, Toby plans on expanding the jewellery line and offering a broader range of products. Toby may even follow in his father’s footsteps and enter the world of furniture design.

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Visit the official Toby Jones website, here.

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