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Introduction to the Tina Kalivas Fashion Label

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Australian designer ‘Tina Kalivas’ studied fashion design Adelaide’s Marleston College, before relocation to London to work within the film and fashion industry. During her time in the UK, Tina studied period underwear and corsetry at the London College of Fashion and worked on costumes in the film industry, including creating eight high-fashion evening gowns for the 2002 James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’. Additionally, Tina worked as an assistant to renowned costume designers Sandy Powell and Lindy Hemming, and then as a seamstress and pattern cutter for Alexander McQueen’s show pieces and private orders.

In 2002, Tina returned to Australia to launch her namesake womenswear fashion label, with a successful debut at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week. Since her brand’s inception, Tina has continued to work with the film industry, designing costumes for the likes of Baz Luhrmann for the blockbuster epic movie ‘Australia’ and in Tokyo designing costumes for upcoming fantasy blockbuster ‘Goemon’. Additionally, the Tina Kalivas brand has designed a number of capsule collections, including for Target and Kookai, as well as, creating the uniforms for the relaunch of the Sydney Hilton Hotel.

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Sadly, after launching her Sci-Fi inspired Spring/Summer 2010-2011 collection, entitled ‘Hive Mind’, Tina Kalivas decides to take a break from the fashion industry, relocating to the UK. Here’s hoping that she returns soon, with her namesake fashion label in tow.

Tina Kalivas Fashion Label Key Dates

  • 1995: Australian fashion designer relocates to London to study at the London College of Fashion, as well as working under some of the world’s finest designers, including Alexander McQueen, J Maskrey and Clements Ribeiro.
  • 2002: After a successful period spent in London, ‘Tina Kalivas’ returns to Australia to launch her namesake womenswear fashion label with a debut at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week.
  • 2004: Tina Kalivas creates a capsule collection for high street label, Kookai.
  • 2005: The Tina Kalivas fashion label designs the new uniforms for the relaunch of the Sydney Hilton Hotel.
  • 2006: Tina Kalivas joins the likes of Alice McCall, Stella McCartney, Josh Goot and Gail Sorronda, by designing a capsule collection for Target.
  • 2007: Tina spends six months in Tokyo as the Costume Designer for the epic Japanese fantasy movie, ‘Goemon’. Following her work on the film, she was nominated as Best Costume Designer at the 2010 Asian Film Awards.
  • 2011: The Tina Kalivas fashion label releases its final collection, entitled ‘Hive Mind’, before Tina takes a break from the fashion industry

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Aesthetic and Inspirations of the Tina Kalivas Brand

Tina Kalivas is a self-confessed Tokyo-phile and as a result, each of her brand’s collections consistently draw influence from Japanese culture and fashion. Tina says: “Creativity comes first and the Japanese are adamant about quality….Working internationally really keeps me on my toes and plugged in. Not only on a professional level, but personally it keeps me happy and in tune with what is happening around the world.”

However, it is not just the Japanese culture that inspires Tina, she is inspired by cultures from around the world. For example, for the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection, entitled ‘Zarafshan’, which was inspired by Afghani culture – when developing the collection, Tina worked personally with Hazara women,Afghani women living in the western suburbs of Sydney. Of the women Tina said: “They make things with whatever available resources are around them. I was really inspired by this. I find the rawness of their culture beautiful and real.”

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The Tina Kalivas collections are known for their blend of organic and futuristic references – Tina’s fascination with evolution and beautiful life formations is reflected in her panelling, curvaceous seams, shaped tailoring, and structured but organic silhouettes. Tina Kalivas creates pieces that are both wearable and sexy while remaining piercingly directional and experimental

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