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Tai & Amaya is a Melbourne-based fashion label founded in 2011 by fashion lecturer and designer, Melissa Tai, and fashion buyer, Kim Triebsee. The brand specialises in womenswear and is known for the use of vibrant digital prints. WIth the rise in the prominence of eco-fashion, Tai & Amaya are the latest Australian brand to follow the principles of sustainable fashion. Recently, we were lucky enough to talk to brains behind the brand to discuss the origins behind the brand, their inspirations and what is in store for the future.

Who are the names behind the Tai & Amaya and what are your backgrounds? What does the brand specialise in?

TAI & AMAYA is a Melbourne fashion label that revels in a kaleidoscope of digital print, vibrant knitwear and playful styling. It was born from the chance meeting of two minds; Melissa Tai the fashion lecturer & designer and Kim Triebsee the past student and fashion buyer.

With backgrounds spanning across retail, design, education and styling, together they share enough experience to carve a unique space in the current fashion landscape. Both Kim and Melissa believe in sustainable fashion and aim to create heritage pieces that will be a mainstay of your wardrobe for years to come.

“Our philosophy is simple. We want to share stories, create worlds & dream weave. Individuality is a personal expression so we don’t want to dictate to our customer seasonal trends. Instead, we offer considered styling that works to compliment a range of silhouettes and combines texture and print stories to inspire women to delight their wardrobe at their own pace.

Expect to see colourful patterned knitwear that plays with texture and embellishment. Imagine the possibilities of infinite colour, vivid definition and wild fancy with the luxury of silk and wool as our canvas. Every season TAI & AMAYA presents a series of images that reveal the parallel universe we choose to explore. We invite you to join us on a story…..”

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How did it all start for Tai & Amaya? When and where was the label founded?

Like all good things the stars seemed to align and it somehow fell into place. We worked on a designer collective together in 2010 and somehow our ideas seemed to fit well along with our aesthetics. We began our label with an AW12 collection this year (2011). We’re just a baby, an emerging label. All this took place in the eccentric neighborhood of Easey Street in Collingwood.

What are the future plans for Tai & Amaya?

We’re in the process feeling out the current market. Retail is in a precarious and rapidly changing landscape right now so we’re looking at how we’ll fit into the future climate. For us, creating beautiful things is our first priority. We want the growth of the label to be something organic as we establish a niche for ourselves. For us this means looking for international distributers, particularly in Asia and places with a similar aesthetic to ours.

There’s a quirkiness, colour and story to what we do which may just find it’s place in a wider net. Beyond this we’d love to get online, which is particularly suited to showcasing our prints. In our biggest dreams we would allow our online presence to grow into somewhat of a cultural hub that incorporates fashion but also the artistic worlds around it.

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw influence from.

There is so much to be inspired by! For us it all starts with the seed of a story which we then hope to create a world around, through research, reading and dreaming. Nature will always feature in our prints in some way and we really could give an endless list of writers, films, artists, illustrators and photographers that inspire us. In terms of fashion designers; Vionnet, early Lanvin and embellishment, Rodarte makes us daydream, Alexander McQueen takes us into another world, Galliano the theatre master, Kenzo and their paper butterflies, Nicholas Ghesquiere, Giles Deacon,
Vivienne Westwood . . . . we could keep going . . . blessed are the dream weavers!

Tai and Amaya Summer 2012 04Tai and Amaya Summer 2012 07

Name the ideal celebrity that reflects the Tai & Amaya style.

Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes, Florence Welch from Florence and the machine, Liv Tyler, Isabel Lucas, Helena Christiansen. Basically we’re inspired by women who live for their art, strong and intelligent. Now if we could get our hands on Sofia Coppola and Patti Smith . . .

Where is the Tai & Amaya stocked?

Zampera, Harpers Emporium, Cartoon, Queen, Runway 21, Origen . . .

Visit the official Tai & Amaya website, here.

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