August 11, 2022
Swimming in Australia

Why is Swimming such a Popular Sport in Australia?

Australians consider swimming to be one of their most popular and favourite sports. Thousands of visitors go to Australia’s sandy beaches during the summer to enjoy swimming and other sea experiences.

Swimming in Australia is a significant activity and sport due to the country’s 35,000 kilometres of coastline. Let’s discuss why swimming in Australia is so popular.


Facts about Swimming in Australia

Australians are trained to swim at an early age, and a number of great Australian swimmers have competed in numerous national and international swimming events. Prior to 1902, swimming in the surf during the day was considered unlawful in Australia. In 1902, a man disregarded this prohibition by entering Manly Beach during the midday hours, and surf bathing gradually gained popularity on Australian beaches. 

In February 1906, Australia’s first surf lifesaving club was founded on Bondi Beach. Following that, in 1991, Australia established a Surf Life Saving Association, which eventually changed its name to Surf Life Saving Australia and became the regulatory organisation for surf lifesaving clubs.

Dawn Fraser is without a doubt Australia’s most famous Olympian. She has won six Commonwealth Games gold medals and eight Olympic gold medals to her credit. Fraser also has 27 world records on an individual basis. 

Murray Rose is another well-known Australian swimming icon, having won three gold medals at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. Throughout his swimming career, he has set 15 world records. Ian Thorpe is a well-known swimming icon of the twenty-first century and one of the world’s most renowned athletes. Thorpe holds the 200 m, 400 m, and 800 m freestyle world records.

Thorpe shattered 22 world records and won three Olympic gold medals till the end of the winter 2003 season. Ian Thorpe has received numerous national and international honours, most notably the 2002 American International Athlete Trophy for the World’s Most Outstanding Athlete. 

Swimming Australia is the national governing body responsible for the administration of swimming competitions. Currently, this association has 90,000 registered members from across the country and in 1100 clubs located outside of the country. Telstra is the primary sponsor of the Swimming Australia association.


Swimming in Australia: Popularity

Swimming is a popular form of exercise in Australia and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Numerous Australians belong to several swimming clubs located throughout the country and compete in swimming events and carnivals. Numerous swimming facilities are located around the country, where individuals can practise and enjoy swimming. 

It is also one of the eight founding sports of the Australian Institute of Sport, a world-renowned association dedicated to the growth of diverse sports. Sports like swimming in Australia is also a major event at the Olympic Games, with Australian swimmers being a fixture. AIS’s residential programme is dedicated to developing exceptional swimmers. 

Australian swimmers won two gold medals at the Second Olympic Games, held in Paris in 1900. Australia won five gold medals, nine silver medals, and four bronze medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.



Australia has a long and admirable history of swimming at a high level too. Swimming in Australia has always been a sport dear to the hearts of thousands of Australians, with 3.3 million people regularly involved in it. Regardless of age, it seems that Australians love to swim, which is not surprising considering how hot Australia is in most parts of the year.


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