SunSilk Fashion Designer Range 2008

SunSilk 2008 Fashion Designer Range

By Collette Dinnigan, Alice McCall and Peter Morrissey

Sunsilk 2008 Fashion Designers

2007 saw the likes of Wayne Cooper, Bettina Lianno and Akira on the bottles of SunSilk hair care products. 2008 follows in tradition, with the release of a new range of fashion designer shampoo and conditioners by Australian fashion designers Collette Dinnigan, Alice McCall and Peter Morrissey.

Each of the hair care products is said to be made with crystal extracts to enhance shine. Collette Dinnigan’s signature range (the light pink bottles) contains extracts of cashmere for extra silky and soft hair. Similarly, Alice McCall’s range (the purple bottles) features extracts of silk, while Peter Morrissey’s collection (elegantly presented in black bottles) feature satin.

SunSilk Shimmer and Shine by Collette Dinnigan

Collette Dinnigan Sunsilk

SunSilk Shine Lover by Alice McCall

Alice McCall SunSilk

SunSilk Mirror Shine by Peter Morrissey

Peter Morrissey SunSilk

The release of the SunSilk collection exemplifies how some Australian fashion designers have shifted gear to target a wider range of products. Alice McCall (known for her self-titled range and Gracie Clothing), Peter Morrissey (known for Morrissey clothing and accessories) and Collette Dinnigan (known for her self-titled label and Wild Hearts Lingerie) have somewhat ‘upped the anti’ by overlaying the separate fashion worlds of clothing and cosmetics. It comes down to the simple fact that if an individual likes the clothing (and related accessories) by a specific designer, there is a strong chance that other fashion products related to that label will also be liked. The world is not new to celebrity endorsements – for example signature perfumes, watches and make-ups are plentiful within stores. However, SunSilk have stepped up by releasing a designer influenced collection, with not merely a celebrity face.

On the flip side to it all, it also allows the designers to represent themselves in a different form. In interviews with the three designers, this was one of the key messages said by all.

Collette Dinnigan stated that:

My bottle is very representative of my brand – its elegance and femininity, the pink is sophisticated and I love the running script around bottle.”

Alice McCall and Peter Morrissey said similar:

I really liked the idea of doing a collaboration with a beauty/care product rather than an apparel collaboration. I also like the fact that this product is able to reach a wide audience.”(Alice)

I wanted the bottle to look as good as your hair will look after using my product and to be an exciting accessory in getting ready to go out. (Peter)

Overall, SunSilk have successfully collaborated with three exceptional Australian designers, to release a fashion-influenced hair care range. All three SunSilk Fashion Designer range releases are Limited Edition and are available in store from April 2008. Oh and by the way, Fashion Review believes the shampoo and conditioners do the job well J

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