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Subfusco is an Australian fashion label founded by Joshua Roberto Scacheri in early 2007, built on the cross-cultural idea of European elegance and Australian comfort. Since inception the fashion forward brand has created collections with contemporary tailoring with clean directional details, resulting in a completely unique and fresh aesthetic. Subfusco not only caters to the ready-to-wear market, but also offers a bespoke service for those clients wanting something extra special. Additionally the brand also offers a line of fine hand made suiting made from the finest Italian fabrics and natural fibres.

The Subfusco man is a creative professional – eccentric and confident he likes to explore the boundaries of fashion without going to far. The Subfusco woman has a taste for lifestyle and comfort that gives her freedom to be who she wants – she has the ability to to transform from one look to another whilst still expressing her signature style.

The brand has come a long way in a short space of time – as a relative newcomer to the Australian fashion industry Subfusco is already a regular feature at events such as Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, as well as appearing at the GQ Australia show at MBFFS, Penthouse Mouse @ MSFW and Taipei in Style Runway. As of 2012 the brand operates through an online only platform, meaning the collections are only available via the world wide web, so get browsing.

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Back in the November of 2009 Australian Fashion Review Blog was lucky enough to chat with founder of Subfusco Joshua Scacheri to find out all there is to know about his label.

Who is behind the Subfusco? What is your background?

Joshua Roberto Scacheri – Designer and Creative Director.

Before I returned to Brisbane, I played professional soccer in Italy and spent most of my teen years living overseas. Whilst in Italy I also spent time working for an established shoe manufacturing company, and this you might say inspired my passion for design!

When and where did it all begin for Subfusco?

Subfusco was created in 2006 to fill a niche in the market for quality men’s clothes, and also to cater for those who wanted to dress to express themselves. I was and still am passionate about designing collections that allow people to express their personality. When I started the label I would have been happy with just one person wearing a Subfusco piece, now I am honoured that my clothes fill the wardrobes of people from all over Australia and the world!

What do you hope to accomplish with your Subfusco? What is the ultimate dream!?

My vision is to be respected within the industry and stand the test of time. Many young designers start out strong but through trials and all the issues you face trying to make a mark on the fashion map sadly fail. All I wanted to do was to grow and learn how to perfect my craft so I could make fashion my career. In regards to the dream, Subfusco aims to continue to design and create memorable collections season after season and truly educate the labels clients on the Subfusco lifestyle.

Subfusco Fashion 2012 - Sheer

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing Subfusco?

The Subfusco customer is a celebrity within their own world; they create their own personal style and make statements amongst the people they interact with, whether it is in their professional career of the social groups they choose to associate with. In saying this if the opportunity presented I would like to dress the Australian actor Rose Byrne. As an actor Rose presents herself with challenging roles and always pushes the boundaries with her craft, in essence she represents the Subfusco women. From a male point of view the Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the quintessential Subfusco man. His style is polished and modern with a clear point of difference and is often not afraid to make a statement with his fashion choices.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else influences you?

I’m inspired by the texture of my fabric choices. Texture on a garment gives your design another sense of life. As humans we are attracted to the way things look and feel, making the garment come alive once on the body gives it a great sense of movement. I’m also inspired by imperfections, taking something that is not perfect and re-working it, giving it my vision on what beauty is. Beauty is never perfect and nor are we, so visually expressing an imperfect beauty is what inspires me. What designers inspire me? It’s easy for European designers to be inspired, they live in a place that is full of culture, amazing people & beautiful things, and they have a bigger advantage over Australian designers. So Australian designers inspire me as they have to work in harder conditions, not saying that Australia isn’t a beautiful place, but it’s hard to be inspired at times.

Subfusco Fashion 2012 - Menswear

Complete the following sentence “Subfusco is unique because”

We aim to create clothes that people can express themselves in and feel truly unique each time they walk out the door in Subfusco. We also like to provide an experience, so when they wear our pieces ewe are able give them a part of our vision, with our amazing runway shows, parties & knowledge on how the piece was born.

Visit the official Subfusco website, or check out Subfusco collections on Australian Fashion Review Blog.

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