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Cult tongue and cheek fashion from Melbourne designer Lyndon McGauchie

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Menswear and womenswear label, Stevie was launched in 2003 by fashion designer Lyndon McGauchie. Already a veteran in the rag trade thanks to extensive PR experience, it wasn’t long before Lyndon was tapping into niche Australian markets by creating trends of his own as opposed to following them. With an aesthetic that is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, the 2004 opening of the flagship boutique in Melbourne saw it become a mecca for the in-the-know crowd, those with a sense of individuality who want to have fun with their wardrobe.

Lyndon draws the influence – that has made him a cult Australian designer – from his past memories, translating his own experiences into his highly covetable collections. Lyndon himself states: “I always draw from memories from the past to now and turn them into fashion/design, for example, movies and music from the start of the 20th century until now. Sometimes nerdy movies and music can give you the best kind of inspiration in a way.”

Since the brand’s inception, Stevie has gone form strength to strength, easily conquering Australia’s youth market, only time will tell if this cult label can take on the online and international markets as well.

Stevie’s Sister – Mikey Fox

In 2008 Lyndon launched his sister womenswear brand, Mikey Fox, which rapidly became as popular as her older brother with the young fashionistas of Australia. Locally designed and produced in Melbourne, the cheeky, flirty aesthetic of Mikey Fox is the perfect complement to the Stevie label.

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