August 11, 2022
sports in Australia for betting

Best Six Australian Sports for Betting

Nothing else other than sports comes close to uniting people from disparate backgrounds, and few other events generate such a diverse assortment of spin-offs. Gambling is a significant side effect of sports.

Australians adore betting, and the most popular form of gambling is sports betting, where over half a million individuals wager each year. In this section, we will examine sports in Australia for betting, with a particular emphasis on the question, ‘What are the most popular sports in Australia for betting?’


Most Popular Sports in Australia for Betting


If you were asked to guess the most popular sports in Australia for betting markets, soccer – or football, depending on your taste – would almost certainly spring to mind. This is a sizable market for Australian bookmakers. It is the most well-known sport on the planet, has a commercial appeal greater than almost any other sport or activity, and, to top it all off, it is also extremely popular in Australia; that is, in all aspects of the game, including playing, watching, and gambling.


Racing Horses

Horse racing, which was once considered an aristocratic sport, is now one of the most liked sports in Australia for betting. Additionally, it is one of the earliest betting sports. Even now, its popularity continues to grow.

Horse racing is one of the most widely gambled on sports in the world. Australia is no exception. Indeed, Australia is a horse racing powerhouse and the Melbourne Cup is one of the most respected races on the global calendar. When flat and hurdle racing are combined, horses are one of the most popular sports in the country. Each year, billions of dollars are wagered on it.



Cricket is a national sport of the United Kingdom, and it appears to be the same in Australia. As a country subject to the British crown, it has inherited an affinity for this singular discipline.

Cricket has been a fixture in the world of sport for so long that it has developed a reputation for being rather predictable as a game, making it quite easy to wager on. To be effective, though, a gambler should maintain track of their betting activities. Calculating the efficiency of bets and forecasting future changes may be beneficial.



Basketball is the bronze medallist among Australia’s most famous sports for betting. The NBA, which is obviously headquartered in the United States, attracts a sizable following, but the Oceania league – the NBL – also attracts a sizable following. Indeed, on the domestic front alone, 19/20 physical attendance counts nearly reached one million. Add to that those who watch – and wager on – the NBA and other leagues around the world, and it’s easy to see why bookmakers see such a high volume of cash wagered.


Aussie Rules

While considering sports in Australia for betting, it’s hardly surprising that Aussie Rules is the most popular. There is not a single corner of any state or territory in Australia that is not obsessed with Aussie Rules. Along with the massive domestic audience, the sport is gaining international traction. To be sure, the sport is so popular in Australia that the AFL has expanded internationally to increase its following. With such a large following, it’s unsurprising that Aussie Rules dominated Australian betting; it’s also only heading in one direction that is upwards.



Rugby, like cricket, is a sport in which Australia has excelled over the years. That is not the only reason it scores strongly among the wagers on which the Australian population enjoys a flutter. The sport is integrated into the school curriculum, which engages students at a younger age. From there, customers have access to games via sports broadcasts across the country. Domestic leagues have been established as well.



Sports betting in Australia is very famous, as it is worldwide. The chances of winning are higher in the betting opportunities mentioned above. Besides, it can add a few spices to watching your favorite teams or athletes play.

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