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Australian Fashion Review managed to grab the foursome crew behind up and coming label Sosume. Alex, Paulina, Rachel and Wil are the four names behind Sosume, a label that literally draws inspiration from either sides of the globe. Alex is based Melbourne, Paulina and Rachel in Brooklyn (US), and Wil in Sydney.

Sosume specifically uses organic and natural fabrics from accredited mills from around the world. All Sosume clothing pieces are manufactured in Australia, maintaining the highest quality. In a sense, Sosume represents the ‘Generation Y’ of fashion, donating 3% of sale proceeds to various charities that promote and aid sustainable practises.

2010 will see the Sosume label expand its collection to include mens clothing as well. Check out the Sosume Clothing Range here – Sosume Clothing

Q1) Who are the name/s behind Sosume fashion label and what are your backgrounds?

Alex Trimmer- lives in Melbourne, graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor’s in Commerce

Paulina Petkoski- lives in Brooklyn, attends Fashion Institute, graduating with Bachelors in Fashion Design

Rachel Kozub- lives in Brooklyn, attends Fashion Institute, graduating with Bachelors in Fabric Styling

Wil Fry- lives in Sydney, attends Billy Blue School of Design graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communication Design

Q2) When and how did it all begin?

Alex met Paulina in the summer of 2008 in NY after graduating business school and mentioned he was starting a fashion label.  The two began to work together, with her knowledge of the fashion industry and his business savvy, we began developing the brand together. As we started to grow Rachel, another student at FIT was recruited to join the team. After designing the first season in NYC, Alex relocated back to Australia, where to brand launched.

Sosume Clothing - Womens Summer Fashion

Q3) What do you hope to accomplish with the Sosume fashion label? What is the dream!?

The label is focused on designing modern, beautiful, and wearable fashion-forward collections that maintain a respect for ethical and sustainable practices.

Q4) Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

Modernist and avant-garde designers such as The Antwerp Six, Rick Owens, Helmut Lang, Ann Demeulemeester, Raf Simons inspire the design aesthetic. The focus on shape and silhouette, mono-chromatic/minimal colour story, innovative fabric, and minimalism are very important to us. International streetwear also influences the look, how and what young people are wearing every day.

Q5) If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?

Celebs to be caught in Sosume – Lou Dillon, Kate Moss, Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, Erin Wasson

Q6) Complete the following sentence: Our fashion label is unique because?

Our fashion label is unique because we advocate sustainable clothing without sacrificing the fashion and style.

Sosume Clothing - Womens Summer Fashion

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