August 11, 2022
Soccer in Australia

Why is Soccer Australia’s Most Popular Sport?

Soccer in Australia has been played since the nineteenth century, with over 2 million people actively participating.

Soccer is without a doubt one of Australia’s most popular sports. The sport is one among the country’s top ten most-broadcast games. Additionally, it is one of the sports that attracts large crowds whenever a match is held. Soccer has grown in popularity in Australia, as seen by Australia’s four straight FIFA World Cup appearances from 2006.


History of Soccer in Australia

The story of soccer in Australia is portrayed from a variety of perspectives. However, we can state categorically that it is widely misinterpreted by the majority. That is because there are no clear records of soccer being played in Australia during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. According to some, soccer arrived in Australia following World War II, as a result of the enormous influx of European immigrants. According to others, soccer was still a sport in the late nineteenth century. However, both sides agree on one point: soccer was introduced by Europeans, as the sport does not exist in Australia’s native culture.


Soccer Popularity in Australia

For the majority of its 145-year history, soccer in Australia has not grown to the level of Europe’s larger leagues. Perhaps this is because the majority of Australians still regard soccer as a foreign sport. However, soccer management has been committed to enhancing the sport’s quality. Soccer’s recent record of successive FIFA World Cup qualification demonstrates this commitment. However, we can certainly assert that soccer has risen to become one of Australia’s most popular sports in recent years.

Soccer occupies an enigmatical position in Australia’s sporting environment. Although it has the highest total participation rate, it ranks fourth in popularity and resources among the four football codes.

This viewpoint implies that it is viewed as a minor code in terms of media exposure, chances for players in Australia, sponsorship, and revenue generating.


Health Benefits of Soccer

Soccer in Australia is also popular due to numerous health benefits it provides. It can be an excellent cardiovascular workout and a lot of fun. The health benefits include the following: 

  • It improves aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health.
  • Helps reduce body fat and increases muscle tone.
  • Increases muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Strengthens muscles and bones.
  • Benefits health by alternating between walking, running, and sprinting.


Additional Advantages of Soccer

There are numerous more benefits to participating in a team activity such as soccer. For instance, it:

  • Fosters coordination.
  • Encourages collaboration and sharing.
  • Teaches you how to ‘think on your feet’.
  • Aids in the development of concentration, persistence, and self-discipline.
  • An excellent way to socialise and workout with friends.
  • May help you to build your confidence and self-esteem, as well as alleviate anxiety.
  • Requires minimal equipment, allowing it to be played in a backyard or park.
  • Relatively simple to learn, so beginners may readily join in on the fun and enjoy recreational soccer.



We hope now it is clear why soccer is a popular sport in Australia, with over 100 million people participating. It’s an intriguing game that involves a large number of people. It’s a fun game that is played outside. Soccer has a 48.7 percent participation rate among children aged 6 to 13, making it nearly as popular as swimming as the most played sport in that age range. 

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