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Introduction to the Scanlan & Theodore Fashion Label

Scanlan & Theodore was founded in 1987, by Fiona Scanlan and Gary Theodore in Melbourne, Australia. Since then Scanlan & Theodore has spent over two decades at the pinnacle of Australian fashion, known for their consistent use of delicate fabrics, unique prints and clean lines season after season. The brand is also a keen supporter of the artistic community, often teaming up with talented artists to create inspirational exhibitions and lookbooks.

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As of 2011, the brand’s collections were available through eight Scanlan & Theodore boutiques, including in Paddington, Melbourne City, Adelaide and Perth, a full list of which can be found on the Scanlan & Theodore website.

Scanlan & Theodore Brand Aesthetic

“The Scanlan & Theodore woman is confident, intelligent and fantastically complex – for it’s all the layered facets of life that make a design, an image and indeed a woman, a timeless beauty of memorable quality.– Scanlan & Theodore

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The Scanlan & Theodore aesthetic is simple, clean and modern, and synonymous with intelligent, well-crafted designs. Their consistent use of crisp lines, delicate fabrics and unique prints has gained the brand a host of celebrity fans including, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Ashley Olsen and Mischa Barton.

Although, Scanlan & Theodore’s most famous clients came in 2009, when the brand dressed a selection of Barbie dolls for the runway and part of the fashion icon’s 50th birthday celebration. The super elegant exhibition made its debut at the ‘Barbie Forever’ exhibition in Melbourne, before moving to the Paddington, Sydney flagship boutique. The Barbie-sized runway featured pieces from the Scanlan & Theodore collection of the moment, with hair styled by Sophie Roberts and make-up by Linda Jefferies. By dressing Barbie, Scanlan & Theodore join Chanel, Dior and Martin Margiela in celebrating the doll’s fiftieth birthday.

Scanlan & Theodore for Barbie

Recent Collections of Scanlan & Theodore

Autumn/Winter 2011: For the Winter 2011 Scanlan & Theodore created a collection full of understated modern luxury, with sophisticated modern silhouettes, rich fabrics, contrasting textures and luxurious details, including leather cuffs and fur trims. The collection features fine cashmere knits, deconstructed jackets in shearling and leather, sharply cut wool tailoring, maxi skirts, sheer blouses and reworking of classic garments such as the trench. This season saw an introduction of new accessory labels to the collection including, Lucy Hutchings, Eddie Borgo, Tila March, Fenton, Dominic Jones, Scott Wilson and Mysuelly.

Scanlan & Theodore Winter 2011

Scanlan & Theodore Autumn/Winter 2011

Spring/Summer 2011-2012: For Summer 2012, Scanlan & Theodore injected a touch of rock and roll into their collection with oversized shaggy shawls and edgy leather details that included cinch-waist belts and harnesses, which reference the current fetish trend. The collection features relaxed tailoring and silhouettes, juxtaposed with structured leather vests; delicate digital and leopard prints; sheer chiffon and lace dresses in all lengths; and bodycon dresses and jumpsuits with curve-enhancing drapery.

Scanlan & Theodore Summer 2012

Scanlan & Theodore Spring/Summer 2011-2012

Future of the Scanlan & Theodore Fashion Label

Thanks to the recent success and growth of Scanlan & Theodore both domestically and internationally, the brand has the resources to expand their product ranges. Scanlan & Theodore plan to develop their own-brand footwear and leather good collections, as well as growing their selection of imported brands.

Visit the official Scanlan & Theodore website, here.

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