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Introduction to the SABA Fashion Label

Australian boutique menswear and womenswear label, SABA has remained at the forefront of Australian fashion since its foundation in Melbourne in 1965 by Joseph Saba. It all started with the Joseph Saba Shirt Shop on Melbourne’s Finders Lane, which blossomed into a fashion empire through the 1970’s and 1980’s, known for its exclusive fashion label imports from around the world and premium denim collections. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s SABA focused on expansion throughout Australia, while showing at all major fashion events, including the first Mercedes Australian Fashion Week in 1996.

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In 2005, SABA was acquired by the Apparel Group (which also owns Sportscraft) and moved their base of operations to Sydney. A leader in the Australian fashion industry, Apparel Group designs and manages its brands in Australia with strong manufacturing relationships in Asia.

SABA today stays true to the philosophy of Joseph Saba, when he founded SABA almost 50 years ago- Clean cut, modern styling using quality fabrics for comfortable and versatile garments. As of 2011, SABA is stocked through over 18 stand alone boutiques throughout Australia and selected David Jones department stores, a full list of which can be found on the official SABA website.

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SABA Fashion Label: Key Dates

  • 1965: The SABA fashion label is founded in Melbourne with the opening of the first Joseph SABA Shirt Shop on Flinders Lane.
  • 1969: Founder of SABA, Joseph Saba, launched the ‘Staggers’ label to accommodate the expanding denim market. Popularity of the Staggers brand soared in the 1970’s, so much so that security staff was needed at the Flinders Lane store to control the waiting crowds.
  • 1974: Joe opened his first SABA womenswear store, which stocked both domestic and international designer imports. Word soon spread about the wide selection of designer imports, gaining the store some very high profile clientele including Grace Jones, Rod Stewart and Tina Turner.
  • 1980’s: SABA decided to do more to support the Australian economy by introducing Australian made garments, producing more by his own manufacturing.
  • 1992: The denim line, SABA Trademark launches consisting of locally manufactured jeans and jackets.
  • 1994: The SABA brand expands into Sydney, opening three stores in the city during the year.
  • 1996: SABA was selected to take part in the first Mercedes Australian Fashion Week (MAFW), where the brand showcased their Spring/Summer 1996 collection, being deemed as the leading Australian fashion label of the time. Also this year SABA received the Australian Fashion Menswear Award and was inducted as the Powerhouse Museum’s Fashion House of the Year. Additionally the SABA for Men store opens on Sydney’s Oxford Street along with a SABA for Women store in Mosman.
  • 2000: The SABA flagship store opens on Melbourne’s Collins Street.
  • 2002: Joseph Saba announces the sale of his namesake fashion label to Daniel and Danielle Besen, whose family are owners of the Sussan group. He showed his final collection for SABA during Melbourne Fashion Festival, receiving a standing ovation for his efforts.
  • 2005: The SABA label premiered their first solo show at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival at Melbourne’s Federation Square. Also this year, SABA was acquired by the Apparel Group, moving its base of operations to Sydney.

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Aesthetic of the SABA Fashion Label

SABA menswear and womenswear is created following distinct design philosophies – styling that is contemporary yet sophisticated; elegant silhouettes created with luxurious fabrics; and garments that are versatile and comfortable. In the womenswear range, clean lines are combined with flattering silhouettes showcase understated femininity and the focus on comfort means that it has become a popular office range, providing a stylish alternative to the bleak corporate look for both sexes.

Visir the official SABA website, here.

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