Pete Versus Toby Streetwear Fashion Label – Clothing from Byron Bay

Pete Vs Toby Clothing – A designer’s collaboration between Antione Ryan, Marco Zirov and Damian Gordon

Pete Versus Toby Fashion

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The youthful crew behind Australian streetwear label Pete Versus Toby caught up with Australian Fashion Review for a quick chat about their unique label. Peter Versus Toby t-shirts and singlets use 100% organic cotton and are produced in Australia.

Who are the names behind Pete Versus Toby and how did it all begin?

Marco Zirov – Creative Visionary

24yrs old – After Byron Bay high school at age 20 travelled to America and studied Psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, on a golf scholarship. No fashion or design training

Antoine Ryan – Business Visionary

21 yrs old – after high school in Byron backpacked around Europe for a year, the decided to come home to Australia, started working with Marco at the markets and then took over all business roles as we turned into a wholesale/retail company. No business training

Damian Gordon – Audio Visionary

21 yrs old – Nurse at St Vincents state hospital in Sydney. Deejay for several trendsetting small bars in Sydney. No design or business training

In 2006 we started screen-printing t-shirts in our hometown, Byron Bay. We decided to start driving down to Sydney and doing the Glebe markets on Saturdays and Bondi markets on Sundays… We had an unbelievable response, so we decided to move down to Sydney. Our friend and artist Raina Hede came up with the name Pete Versus Toby – he said that originally a homeless man carved it into a boogie board at Broken Head caravan park.

What can we expect from Pete Versus Toby in the coming collections?

Right now we are focusing on T-shirts and Singlets cause we are sticking to our own timetable. This winter we are planning on releasing some tweaked jumpers and other casual winter garments. We are taking it slowly making sure that every product we make is perfect. When summer comes we will have some boardshorts and the start of our women’s collection

Pete Versus Toby Clothing

What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the dream!?

The dream has always been to be the best T-shirt label in the world. So that also makes us the worst fashion label in the world….

World famous for waking the world up, most people are walking around half asleep. We are trying to make this world more beautiful

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

We don’t have any fashion influence – inspiration comes from Heraclitus to K-Rino. People that have changed the world

Pete Versus Toby Clothing

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?

I think the perfect person to wear our clothes would be any young rapper in America – they are the perfect trendsetters that sum up our style of confidence and enlightenment

Complete the following sentence: Pete Versus Toby clothing is unique because:

We are so young, so fresh. Doing what we want to do. Nu Australia, mixed children of the future who just don’t care…

Want to see Pete Versus Toby clothing or buy it online? – check out their official website and online store –

Pete Versus Toby Clothing

Pete Versus Toby Clothing

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