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Introduction to the Perks & Mini (P.A.M) Fashion Label

Husband and wife duo Shauna Toohey (Mini) and Misha Hollenback (Perks) launched their menswear and womenswear fashion label, ‘Perks & Mini’ back in 2000, naming the brand after their graffiti names. The pair were well equipped for a career within the fashion industry – Misha had extensive experienced on the graphics side, having previously worked with many fashion labels, including Silas, Stussy, Levi’s and Fuct. Prior to this Misha has studied Painting at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Shauna has also worked creating fashion graphics for various brands, and studied Fashion at RMIT.

Perks and Mini Fashion 01

With a joint love of aliens, the Sun Ra and ideas of changing the world, the pair soon gained a sterling reputation for their innovative use of print and colour in their clothing collections. Rapidly expanding to include a range of books, toys, sunglasses, accessories and jewellery, Perks & Mini developed a cult, underground following throughout Australia.

Fellow visionaries were quickly lining up to work with the brand and the long list of collaborators includes Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER and German design masters BLESS, to artists and creators like James Murphy, Peter Sutherland, Joseph Szabo and Soulwax.

As of 2012, the Perks & Mini collections are stocked in Melbourne at Hollenbach and Toohey’s Someday boutique — a fashion, music, art and lifestyle nirvana, which also stocks the likes of Billionaire Boys Club and Bernhard Willhelm, plus underground streetwear labels from Tokyo, where P.A.M also have a cult following. Additionally the Perks & Mini stand-alone store opened in 2011, which has a similar concept to the Melbourne ‘Someday’ boutique.

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Perks & Mini Fashion Label: Key Dates

  • 2000: The ‘Perks & Mini’ fashion label is founded by husband and wife duo Misha Hollenback and Shauna Toohey.
  • 2007: The Perks & Mimi brand joins forces with cult Australian eyewear label ‘Colab’ for the first time – a working relationship that still exists today.
  • 2008: The brand collaborates with Hong Kong mega star Edison Chen on a limited edition jacket.
  • 2011: The Perks & Mimi fashion label opens in Sydney’s Darlinghurst situated in the old Monster Children gallery location. As well as stocking their namesake label, the boutique will also stock indie favourites, Bless, Kitsune, Wood Wood, Ally Capellino and Cosmic Wonder. Also this year, Perks & Mini collaborate with Stussy to create a capsule collection of separates, featuring the brand’s signature graphics.

Perks and Mini Sydney Flagship

Perks & Mini Sydney Flagship

Aesthetic of the Perks & Mini Brand

“Perks and Mini fell in love in a world called Shitland, and neither of them felt like they really fit in there. Together they planned to escape to Forevereverland, where things were much nicer. They began to make things like art, toys, books, fashion, accessories, graphic design and music- nice things that would help them make a new world.

Consequently they want to give something back to the world, as a way of saying “thank you” for the things they love, and to show that even in Shitland good things are happening and that there is fun to be had.”

Perks and Mini Fashion 02

Continuing to strive for new world, Perks & Mini are consistently pushing the boundaries of classic street wear, and for creating innovative and forward thinking womenswear and menswear collections. Best known for their use of bright colours and bold, inventive graphics, the brand’s collections utilise fresh, often organic, fabrics and a brimming with a wicked sense of humour.


Perks & Mini is not just a popular streetwear label, there are many strings to the PAM bow – the brand also has a book publishing company, called PAMBooks. The small independent publisher was founded with the aim of providing a medium for artists work in the spirit of independent design, art and culture. Over 15 books books have been published under PAMBooks, as well as various magazines and artists’ publication, all of which tend to be limited edition.

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Visit the official Perks and Mini website, here.

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