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Introduction to the Nique Fashion Label

Authenticity, Acidity, Articulation and Afforfability” – Nique

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Founded by Nick and Lucy Ennis, ‘Nique’ started life as a Melbourne-based graphic design studio, specialising in flyers and street art. In 1998, the Nique team pursued their interest in fashion for the first time, by designing and releasing a range of windcheaters as a side project. The capsule collection was immediately well received, which prompted the development of a full collection, which rapidly increased the brand’s following – the number of boutiques stocking Nique increased from four stores to sixty, almost overnight.

The menswear and womenswear collections were so successful that in 2003, Nique phased out their graphic design operations to focus solely on the fashion side of the business. Since then the brand has continued to build its fan base and expand, opening five stand-alone boutiques in the most fashionable hubs of Melbourne.

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The brand collaborated with some of Melbourne’s finest architects to create unique concepts for each separate location, choosing to veto the usual chain store approach of outfitting their stores in a ‘one-size fits all’ style. Where possible, Nique take the stores back to their origins, by stripping the walls back to their shell, exposing the steel beams, original ceilings and floorboards. The store’s unique design concept is then implemented in the original shell, making sure that each boutique communicates the Nique core philosophy of Authenticity, Acidity, Articulation and Affordability.

As well as the five stand-alone boutiques, the Nique collections are available through 180 outlets across the globe. The brand’s international representation is rapidly expanding after signing with Sweden’s largest fashion distributor, MnQ, with the label now being sold throughout Northern Europe.

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Nique Fashion Label: Interesting Dates

  • 1998: Melbourne-based graphic design studio, ‘Nique’, founded by Nick and Lucy Ennis, pursued their interest in fashion for the first time by designing and releasing a range of windcheaters as a side project.
  • 2003: The graphic design element of Nique was phased out, to focus the brand purely as a fashion label.
  • 2011: Nick and Lucy vow to help struggling refugee job seekers and employ a former Ugandan and Kenyan refugee to work in their warehouse.

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Nique Brand Aesthetic

Great design need not cost more, it’s about better choices” – Nique

The basis of Nique’s inspiration comes form the electronic music scene, which defines the brand’s desire to be distinctly edgy with an hint of chic sophistication. The label has managed to successfully combine their creative graphic skills of their beginnings with their passion for clothing design. The collection’s stripped back design, with focus on detailing, fit and solid fabric choices, has won the brand many celebrity fans including, MGMT, New Young Pony Club, Bloc Party, Tim Sweeney and Kirsten Dunst.

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Nique have recently introduced their ‘White Label’ – a collection of key fashion basics made from high quality and eco-friendly fabrics, such as Soya Bean and Bamboo cotton, allowing the wearer to be environmentally aware and comfortable at the same time.

Visit the official Nique website, here.

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