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Introduction to the Nicola Finetti Fashion Label

“There is so much liberty to dressing, that no, more than ever women can express their individuality, femininity, invention and strength through my silhouettes and use of fabrics”. – Nicola Finetti

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Born in Italy to a Yugoslavian mother and Italian father, Nicola studied architecture in Rome and spent time living in Argentina, before settling in Sydney, Australia in 1984. The decision to move to Australia came due to the poor economic and financial state of Argentina at the time – however, it was difficult for Nicola in Australia at first, due to his basic English. Despite these early difficulties Nicola managed to make the necessary connections and contacts necessary to enter the world of fashion, studying design and marketing from experts Richard Tyler and Romeo Gigli.

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In 1995, Nicola launched his namesake womenswear label ‘Nicola Finetti’, and with his background in architecture, influencing his uniquely structured designs, the brand soon gained a loyal following. Before long Nicola Finetti was soon a regular feature in the fashion press, with editorial coverage in magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar and InStyle Australia and UK.

As of early 2012, the Nicola Finetti collections are sold extensively throughout Australian department store giant Myer, in the brand’s flagship stores in Sydney and Melbourne, and across the globe, in places such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and in the United States of America.

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Nicola Finetti: Key Dates

  • 1984: Italian-born, Nicola Finetti moves to Sydney, Australia following a stint working in Argentina.
  • 1995: Nicola launches his namesake womenswear fashion label, ‘Nicola Finetti’.
  • 2002: Nicola Finetti is one of eight designers incited to look through the textile and dress archives of Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum as inspiration for a new piece for the ‘Sourcing the Muse’ exhibition. Other participating labels were: Akira, Easton Pearson, Gwendolynne, Michelle Jank, S!X, Tea Rose and Vixen.
  • 2003: The brand’s accessory line, ‘Nicola Finetti aXessory’ is launched.
  • 2004: Nicola Finetti launches his diffusion fashion label ‘Nylon Flocks’ – the lower priced womenswear range caters to the younger fashionista.
  • 2007: Nicola Finetti enters the menswear market with label ‘Frisoni Finetti’ in collaboration with designer, Fernando Frisoni – the menswear brand is launched at Australian Fashion Week with the Spring/Summer 2007-2008 collection.
  • 2012: The Nicola Finetti brand announces that it will be unveiling their Pre-Fall 2012 collection, entitled ‘Back 2 D Future’ at Gold Coast Fashion Week in February.

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Aesthetic of the Nicola Finetti Brand

My aim is to give women the possibility to explore their inner self and embrace their femininity.” – Nicola Finetti.

Each Nicola Finetti collection is inspired by the contrasts – ‘night and day’, ‘hard and soft’ etc – and the idea of contradictions and juxtapositions are expressed in his designs. With a modern twist on classic styles, each garment portrays ideas of construction, drape and colour. The unique Nicola Finetti aesthetic had attracted a number of celebrity fans including, Jessica Chastain, Samara Weaving, Jessica Szhor, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Naomi Watts, Rebecca Judd and Delta Goodrem.

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Visit the official Nicola Finetti website, here.

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