Neverblack Clothing – Spring/Summer 2011-2012 Collection

Boutique fashion from New Zealand

Tailored Separates and Relaxed Silhouettes for Summer 2012

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Neverblack Fashion Summer 2012 The Charmer

Neverblack Fashion The Charmer Summer 2012 A

New Zealand fashion label, Neverblack, was founded in 2010 with the aim of creating beautiful and wearable collections for men and women that are not just easy on the eye, but easy on the pocket too. Founding trio, Chelsea Thorpe, Martin Chapman and Jeremy Maclaurin, certainly didn’t disappoint with their Spring/Summer 2011-2012 collection. The brand continues with their distinctive modern vintage aesthetic in the Summer collection entitled, The Charmers, which focuses on tailored separates and features organic pieces, edging on a Scandinavian aesthetic.

The collection, takes its inspiration from the whimsical paintings of English pre-Raphaelite artist, John Waterhouse. The painting, often depicting scenes from Shakespeare and classical literature, is represented in the collection in the romantic and refined designs that have an element of fun and adventure. The womenswear line uses a delicate colour palette of dusky pinks, midnight blue and greys, featuring on softly draped silhouettes in soft silks and cottons. The menswear line features quality wardrobe staples, based around classic designs in denim, khaki and neutral hues – pockets, hoods and rivets give the collection a street edge.

So without further ado we present the Spring/Summer 2011-2012 collection from Neverblack…Enjoy!


Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 02Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 01Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 03

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 04Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 05

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 06Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 07

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 08Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 09

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 10Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 11Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 12

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 13Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 14

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 15Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 16

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 17Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 18

Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 19Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 20Neverblack Menswear Summer 2012 21


Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 01

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 02Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 03

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 04Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 05

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 06Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 07

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 08Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 09

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 10Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 11

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 12Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 13

Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 14Neverblack Womenswear Summer 2012 15

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