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Peter Morrissey has been at the forefront of the Australian Fashion Industry for over 25 years. Peter has successfully crossed over to the mainstream with an exclusive range in Big W. His latest project is a collaboration with Amenita to create a Bath & Body range of amenities which is now available through a number of hotels and hotel chains in Australia including Blue Hotel, The Observatory Hotel, Lilianfels Katoomba, Aldephi Hotel Melbourne and Windmills Break Margaret River.

Cementing his dominance in the cut-throat world of fashion since 1997, his chic, beautifully cut, sophisticated designed secured a place as a major fashion player on the world stage. With his fashion philosophy “I want to fashion people’s lives, not just their wardrobes” his clothing has been worn by A-list stars including Nicole Kidman, Elle MacPherson, Helena Christensen, Jerry Hall, Dame Edna, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangalista, Megan Gale, Kylie Minogue, Jon Bon Jovi, Chris Isaac, Geoffrey Rush, Michael Hutchence and INXS.

This was not the first fashion label for Peter Morrissey. Back in 1983, ‘Morrissey Edmiston’, a joint venture between fashion gurus Leona Edmiston and Peter Morrissey dominated the market for some fourteen years before finally being dissolved.

Fashion Designer Peter Morrissey
Fashion Designer Peter Morrissey

In August of 2011 Peter was thrilled to announce that he is again the sole owner of the MORRISSEY brand. MORRISSEY was created by Peter and a group of designers in 1997 which was subsequently backed by Rene Rivkin. The brand was sold to the Oroton Group in 2000 until M Webster Holdings bought the brand in 2006. Peter continued to be involved as a brand ambassador without having the ultimate control of the label.

The MORRISSEY label started out with clothing for men and women including suits, Italian cotton business shirts, and dresses. The MORRISSEY fashion label soon expanded outside of creating fashion clothing items, designing various fashion accessories including Morrissey sunglasses, cufflinks, jewellery, wallets, belts and other leather accessories.

The MORRISSEY brand is currently licensed to Sunshades for optical and eyewear, Fine Bags for handbags, luggage and leather goods and Image Collection for business products such as compendiums, business card holders, pens and umbrellas. MORRISSEY eyewear continues to be one of the top-selling eyewear brands in Australia and is currently stocked in Myer and David Jones.

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Morrissey is also known for re-designing uniforms and corporate branding for Qantas after an agreement in 2003 saw the fashion icon supplying the uniforms for the leading Australian Airline. Most recently Peter has designed the uniforms for the re-branded and re-laucnhed The Star Casino, Sydney as well as designing uniforms for IAG, OPSM and Novotel Hotels.

In a recent interview with the iconic fashion designer, Peter noted that his inspiration comes from people and life in general. Peter also noted that he had a passion for mentoring individuals with business decisions and introducing young designers to important buyers.

The MORRISSEY  label is most recognized for the clean cut clothing pieces. For example, the typical slim-fit Italian cotton French cufflink business shirt with a set of MORRISSEY cufflinks is almost a staple item in every successful business man’s wardrobe.

The latest range from Peter Morrissey is a direct reflection of the global financial crisis. In 2009, Peter diversified his repertoire by working with Bruno Schiavi for Big W to release an affordable underwear and clothing collection.

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I’ll put my name on whatever is appropriate at the appropriate time,” Morrissey said. “It would be irresponsible to create [an expensive] collection when people can’t pay their mortgage. I haven’t become mass market, I’ve become humane.”

Peter Morrissey suffered a serious health scare (brain aneurism) in July 2009 but thankfully made a full recovery. The Big W ‘affordable but fashionable’ range has been in Australian stores since October of 2009 and continues to be a success. We wish Peter the best of luck with his latest venture. We’re sure Big W will be more than happy to have Peter Morrissey on their books.

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Peter is now exploring opportunities to rebirth the once iconic MORRISSEY label while continuing his successful range Man & Woman by Peter Morrissey available at Big W.

Thank you to everyone at MORRISSEY for their help in updating the Peter Morrissey profile.

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