Morning Theft Fashion Label

Menswear fashion label by Australian designer Tom Guerin

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Morning Theft Fashion Label

Adelaide-based fashion label, Morning Theft is the brain-child of full-time teacher Tom Guerin. Launched in late 2010, the brand name was taken from a song from one of Tom’s favourite musicians, Jeff Buckley – music has always meant a lot to Tom, and it is a great source of inspiration to him, especially the music of Jeff Buckley that helped him to understand to do things in life that make him happy. It is the ethos of ‘if it feels good, do it’ that is pretty much the Morning Theft story.

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There are no big inspirations behind the brand’s collections, instead Tom designs in terms of what he wants to wear, with the clothing reflecting what he is doing, or where he is at that particular moment in time. As Tom says: “Each season is like a snapshot of my life…I’d have to say the inspiration is life in it’s entirety.” Only a small part of the collections are premeditated, Tom meets with his tailors, sees what materials are available and they go from there. The resultant aesthetic aims to provide the contemporary gentleman with the essentials – Combining crafty cuts and nifty materials, Morning Theft promotes comfort and versatility using Italian wools and standard cottons.

Although only in business for a few years, Tom’s label looks set to be big within the Australian fashion industry. Just last year in 2011, Tom was a runner up for the Adelaide Fashion Festival Best Emerging Designer Award. So keep an eye on Morning Theft as we are expecting big things from the label in the future.

Morning Theft Menswear 2012 02

Back in March of 2011 Australian Fashion Review Blog were lucky enough to have a 5 minute chat with Tom, to ask some quick fire questions about his label.

Who is behind the Morning Theft fashion label?

Tom Guerin – Teacher.

How did it all start for Morning Theft? When and where was the label founded?

I wanted to try something new and get something started in Adelaide. Something men can get excited about.

What does the brand specialise in?

Menswear, from head to toe.

What are the future plans for the label?

To be stocked nationwide, and internationally.

Morning Theft Menswear 2012 03

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw influence from.

Influence comes from everywhere, from music, art, people and culture as well as brands such as Acne, APC and Common Projects

Name the ideal celebrity or celebrities that reflects your labels style.

Reflective of…. Johnny Depp and Brandon Boyd

Where are your brand’s collections currently stocked?

DAS. – Adelaide

Bronze Snake – Melbourne

Morning Theft Menswear 2012 04

Visit the official Morning Theft website, or check out Morning Theft fashion collections on Australian Fashion Review Blog.

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