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Moovboot Designer Wellington Boots for Men and Women

By Australian Designer Meisha Strykowski

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Moovboot Fashion Label

Moovboot Designer Boots - Australian Fashion

The Moovboot team kindly caught up with Australian Fashion Review Blog to tell us about their boutique footwear brand.


What is Moovboot and who is responsible for its inception into the fashion world?

Moovboot create all weather boots which enable you to explore your environment whilst making a style statement. Our collection now includes sheepskin lined Wellington, sheepskin boots and Wellington boots with a full women’s range and a capsule men’s range of sheepskin lined Wellingtons.

Meisha Strykowski – Formally trained in Graphic Design. Spent 8 years working in design and advertising agencies in Australia and New Zealand.


How did it all start for your label? When and where was the label founded?

In 2006/07, I spent a season skiing in Canada followed by traveling to New York and then to London. Everywhere, there were very limited if any really suitable footwear to take on the the slushy snow in the streets and in London the rain was relentless. At this time, sheepskin boots where just becoming popular and in the UK wellingtons are a wardrobe staple. This is when the idea sparked. It seemed a natural progression to combine the warmth of sheepskin with the waterproof practicality of the gumboot. I spent a year or so developing and sampling the MoovBoot and launched MoovBoots in November 2008.

What are the future plans for the label?

We are expanding all the time. We’re already stocked in high end department stores and independent retailers around the world, with strong distribution in Europe, Canada and Russia. This year, we are set to launch in Korea, France and the UK. We hope to see MoovBoots follow the phenomenon of the ugg boot and be accessible in all countries that have a need for our product. Whilst expanding our markets is what we strive to do its important we partner with specialist, well established distributors who help us grow in a way that best fits the brand.

Moovboot Designer Women's Wellies and Boots

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw inspiration from.

My family and I moved from New Zealand to Sydney when I was 6 years old but we always went back to New Zealand every year to visit family and go on ski vacations. Having been born in New Zealand, exploring the wilderness as a child in New Zealand and skiing the slopes of the Southern Alps certainly inspired me. In 2007 my husband and I moved to Wanaka for 4 years. We skied during the winter and spent long summer days on the lake in summer. Wanaka was where I developed the MoovBoot concept and tested it. Favourite fellow designers: So many… including Sass & Bide and Karen Walker.


Name the ideal celebrity that reflects your labels style, or if celebrities have already worn the label – who are they?

Kate Hudson. Madonna, Kim Kardashian, America Ferrera have asked for specific styles…….. Not photographs yet though!


Where is the label stocked?

On line shop and in high end department stores and independent retailers around the world.

Moovboot Designer Women's Wellies and Boots

Moovboot Designer Women's Wellies and Boots

Moovboot Designer Women's Wellies and Boots

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