Minty Meets Munt Clothing

Minty Meets Munt Casual Womens Fashion

An Australian streatwear label by Kevin O’Shea and Tanya Curmi

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Minty Meets Munt Womens Casual Clothing

Exclusive interview with Kevin and Tanya on their ‘Minty Meets Munt’ casual clothing label.

Please introduce yourselves and tell us how you both got into fashion design? Where did it all begin for Minty Meets Munt and please explain where the name came from!?

Fashion has always been of interest, even from a young age – after studying advertising and marketing at university and working in this field I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do and returned to what I LOVED. We started off at the markets and three years on here we are!

I’m “minty fresh” and my partner is “munty” and soon after we got together we started our business and so we became “minty meets munt”

What can we expect from the Minty Meets Munt label in the coming collections?

Essentially all our ranges are about creating a wardrobe for the season. We like to think of our collections as taking a peek into someone you love’s closet. Spring and summer are filled with bold colour and amazing prints that vary from a ditsy floral to a tribal print. We have touched on 90s’ sportswear, we have done the cutest denim chamray story with patchwork embellishment. Overall I feel we have a mixture of great basics at accessible prices and statement pieces that are BOLD yet easy to wear.

What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the dream!?
The dream is to take it to the limit!

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?
LOVE Alexander McQueen, he really is a genius and will be greatly missed NO-ONE compares. His work comes from such depths. I LOVE that he truly creates pieces that have NEVER been seen BEFORE and that are in tune with the shape of a woman. Other things that inspire me are; sunrise, sunny days at the beach, music and dance, I love prints, travel, you know anything beautiful from a flower or a leaf on a tree to a picture in an exhibition. There is just so much to be inspired by the list goes on and on…… x

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?
Chloe Sevigny

Complete the following sentence: Minty Meets Munt clothing is unique because:

its a labour of love x

Minty Meets Munt Casual Ladies Fashion

Minty Meets Munt Casual Ladies Fashion

Minty Meets Munt Casual Ladies Fashion

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