Mimco Scarves and Hats 2008 Collection

Mimco Scarves and Hats

Winter Accessories Collection 2008

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Given the success of Mimco in making wallets, bags and jewellery, it is no surprise that the label now covers almost a full range of fashion accessories, including hats and scarves.

The winter Mimco hat collection features a range of felt fabric designs in traditional styles and colours. Mimco has once again produced a range of fashion accessories that not only complement an outfit, but often make the outfit standout. The Mimco Hat Collection for winter 2008 is a step back in time, featuring the traditional bowler hat and tribly hat decorated with an old-fashioned feather. Check out a snapshot view of the Mimco Hat Collection below.

Another addition to the Mimco label is the inclusion of scarves. The winter collection features luxury marino wool scarves in a range of colours. Once again, these products are a great accessory to any winter outfit, with the added benefit of being ultra soft and ultra warm. A snapshot of the Mimco Scarf collection is featured below.


1 Mimco Hats and Scarves Winter 2008


2 Mimco Hats and Scarves Winter 2008


3 Mimco Hats and Scarves Winter 2008


4 Mimco Hats and Scarves Winter 2008


5 Mimco Hats and Scarves Winter 2008


6 Mimco Hats and Scarves Winter 2008

01 – Mimco Top Hat – Bow Mod in a traditional black felt. The design is simple and elegant, featuring the trademark Mimco bow trim on a signature Mimco shape. RRP $159

02 – Mimco Dietrich Tribly Hat – A clean cut traditionally shaped Mimco hat with a curled back and flat front brim. Made from felt and available in charcoal grey with a PVC snake print band and feather for detailing. RRP $159

03 – Mimco Bowler Hat – The classic bowler hat is brought back to life by Mimco in a classic black felt design. This can easily be dressed up or down to create a unique style. RRP $159

04,05,06 – Mimco Scarf – Made from luxury marino wool for softness and warmth. Mimco scarves are available in a range of colours. This is a great practical gift idea! RRP $89

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