Top Menswear Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2012-2013

Top Men's Fashion Trends for Summer 2012 - 2013 Australia

It has long been our goal here at Australian Fashion Review to share with our readers the best our fashion industry has to offer. In an ever expanding industry we have to go to extra lengths to ensure the information we are giving you is the best, as well as making sure you have the best resources at your disposal. We have already let you in on the blogosphere’s best kept secrets, by letting you know where to find the best Australian bloggers to gain inspiration from. And now you know where to best use that inspiration with our know how on the finest places to by Australian labels both online and in-store.

But we don’t stop there…last season we started creating our must read trend edits, showcasing the the must wear trends do the season. Starting off with menswear trends for Autumn/Winter 2012, we continue our fashionisto journey with the must have menswear trends for Spring/Summer 2012-2013. Thoroughly scoping the Australian and European markets, from Melbourne to Milan, we have found the key trends that are soon to be gracing the stores.

The Top Australian Men’s Spring & Summer Trends, 2012 – 2013.

Menswear Trend A: Olympiad

Inspired by the highly successful 2012 London Olympics, the city sportif look is set to be a major menswear trend for the Spring/Summer 2012-2013 season. The fine knit is the key piece, coming in a number of variations, including the knitted polo, crew neck sweater and preppy cardigan. Lightweight sporty outerwear also features with hooded nylon jackets and classic tailored blazers being the ones to look out for. The colour palette includes blue in all possible hues, grey marls, crisp white and rich berry tones with pops of sporty brights such as vibrant orange, sunflower yellow and hot pink.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Olympiad

Olympiad (L-R): Jac + Jack (Image Source), Three Over One (Image Source), Yuliy Gershinsky (Image Source) Urbbana (Image Source).

As Seen In: Ksubi, Zanerobe, bassike, Three Over One, Urbbana, Jac + Jack, Salvatore Ferragamo (SS 2013), Prada (SS 2013), Viktor & Rolf (SS 2013), Hermes (SS 2013), Yuliy Gershinsky

Menswear Trend B: Europa

The Spring/Summer season sees a return of the sophisticated gentleman – this time round he takes his influence from the effortless style of the French Riviera, from St Tropez to Monaco. Team a stylish sports jacket with classic open necked shirt and slim-fitted chinos. Avoid print keeping the pieces colour blocked and top the whole look off with a pocket square and a pair of retro sunglasses.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Europa

Europa (L-R): Richards & Richards, Will Valor (Image Source), Pistols at Dawn (Image Source)

As Seen In: Calibre, Farage, Pistols at Dawn, Richards & Richards, Wil Valor.

Menswear Trend C: Desert Wanderer

The adventurers of the African traveller are once again providing influence for the Spring/Summer collections, with inspiration coming from the Sahara desert. Must have pieces include safari-style jackets and duster coats, worn with printed pants and collarless shirts. Mix textures and prints together – think luxe suedes with casual cottons, adding a vibrant tribal scarf to add an exotic touch. The colour palette is earthy, featuring rich terracotta, burnt orange, mixed in with sandy neutrals and crisp white.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Desert Wanderer

Desert Wanderer (L-R) Jack + Jack, Calibre, Brent Wilson The Basics, Zanerobe (Image Source)

As Seen In: Three Over One, Bottega Veneta (SS 2013), Ben Sherman (SS 2013), Jac + Jack, Calibre, Brent Wilson The Basics, Zanerobe.

Menswear Trend D: Miami Vice

The 1980’s are just one of the decades to influence the Spring/Summer season, and when it comes to eighties fashion, there is only one place to look for inspiration this season – the legendary cop show ‘Miami Vice’. For a look that Don Johnson, circa 1985 of course, would be proud of, choose a slim fit suit in a soft colour, for example grey mixed with shirting in a pastel tone, such as lemon sorbet or nude pink. The trouser length of choice has to be an ankle grazer so lay off the socks and top the look of with an eye-catching pair of brogues. However, we do draw the line at rolling up those suit sleeves.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Miami Vice

Miami Vice (L-R): Wil Valor (Image Source), Arthur Galan (Image Source), Marcs (Image Source)

As Seen In: Arthur Galan, Paul Smith (SS 2013), Wil Valor, Marcs.

Menswear Trend E: Soldier Boy

The military trend has a habit of resurfacing every few seasons. For Spring/Summer 2012-2013 the military look has been given a little bit of a twist. Camouflage prints are key, featuring on anything and everything, from trousers, jackets and shirting, as well as accessories – although camo prints should never be worn head to toe. Break up the look with plenty of crisp white, navy and khaki.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy (L-R): Leopold (Image Source), Nobody (Image Source), Zanerobe (Image Source)

As Seen In: Dries van Noten (SS 2013), Kenzo (SS 2013), Zanerobe, Nobody, Louis Vuitton (SS 2013), Leopold.

Menswear Trend F: ’50s Fever

Another decade to draw influence from this season is the 1950s, with the sleek geek, rockabilly or beach boy looks all featuring on the Spring/Summer 2012-2013 catwalks. If geek chic is more your thing, team an eye-catching polo shirt with chino shorts and a preppy knits. If you are seduced by the rockabilly style of James Dean, a leather jacket is a must – team it with a buttoned up polo and ankle length skinny jeans.

If you prefer the beach boy look, it is all about the Hawaiian shirt and the Bermuda short. Top off each of these looks with the classic ’50s slicked side-parting and clear resin sunglasses. The colour palette is as bold as the decade, with strong blue, red, grey, orange, green, white and yellow being the dominant shades.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - '50s fever

50’s Fever (L-R): Leopold (Image Source), Nathan Paul (Image Source), Richards & Richards (Image Source).

As Seen In: Fred Perry (SS 2013), Lyle & Scott (SS 2013), Ben Sherman (SS 2013), Leopold, Nathan Paul, Richards & Richards.

Menswear Trend G: Get Shorty

Although not a popular trend for a lot of men the last time it was in vogue, the short is back with a vengeance, featuring on the catwalks of designers from throughout the globe. Thankfully, this season the short is of a longer length and the slim fitting city short has been replaced by the more relaxed Bermuda style short. Steer clear of over-the-top logos and layer simple tee’s and sweaters together, complete the look with a colour-block baseball cap.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Get Shorty 01

Get Shorty (L-R): Zsadar, From Britten P/L, Injury, Kalb and Etiw (Image Source).

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Get Shorty 02

Get Shorty (L-R): Jac + Jack, Ksubi, Brent Wilson the Basics (Image Source), Autonomy (Image Source).

As Seen In: bassike, Will Valor, Jac + Jack, Moncler Gamme Bleu (SS 2013), Giorgio Armani (SS 2013), Z Zenga (SS 2013), Ksubi, Urbbana, Injury, From Britten P/L, Zsadar, Kalb and Etiw, Brent Wilson, Autonomy.

Menswear Trend H: Hello Sailor

Guys it’s time to accept that the nautical trend will probably never die – it will resurface every summer season in one guise or another. However, it has to be said that the stylish sailor look is one of the easiest to pull off – all it takes is a pair of chinos, a double breasted blazer and of course the striped tee. Get ready for the yacht club by adding a pocket square, boat shoes and a straw bowler hat.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Hello Sailor

Hello Sailor (L-R): Calibre, Brent Wilson The Basics, bassike (Image Source)

As Seen In: Country Road, bassike, Calibre, Brent Wilson, Prada (SS 2012), Dior Homme (SS 2013)

Menswear Trend I: Minimalism

The ‘Less is More’ look from Autumn/Winter 2012 has persisted through to the Spring/Summer season. It is all about being clean – clean cuts, clean silhouette and clean fabrications. It’s all about quality, versatile pieces in simple block colours are paired together – match colour tones and intensities together for a minimal look that exudes effortless style.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Minimalism

Minimalism (L-R): Yuliy Gershinsky, Zsadar (Image Source), BLAQ (Image Source), Ksubi (Image Source)

As Seen In: Jac + Jack, Brent Wilson, Phillip Lim (SS 2013), Rick Owens (SS 2013), Yuliy Gershinsky, Ksubi, Zsadar, BLAQ.

Menswear Trend J: Free Love

The final decade that influences menswear for the Spring/Summer 2012-2013 season is the 1960s – a time when it was all about peace and free love man. So guys, have fun with pattern and print and accentuate with a bright colour solid and tweed blazer. Bright accessories are a must weather it be a tie, a trilby or a pair of bold dress shoes.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - Free Love

Free Love (L-R): Jack London (Image Source), Vanishing Elephant (Image Source), Will Valour (Image Source)

As Seen In: Vanishing Elephant, Three Over One, Jack London, Wil Valor.

Menswear Trend K: It’s All Experimental

This season you’re free to push the boundaries of your own style, with many fashion labels experimenting for the Spring/Summer season. Try something new and play with different washes, textures and proportions. Think cropped jackets, long-line shirting and metallic jeans – although if you are not ready to go head-to-toe experimental, go subtle with a statement sneakers or eye-catching sunglasses or spectacles.

Menswear Summer 2012-2013 Trends - It's All Experimental

It’s All Experimental (L-R): Orri Henrisson ( Image Source), Britten P/L (Image Source), LF Markey (Image Source), Song For The Mute (Image Source).

As Seen In: Ksubi, Britten P/L, Lanvin (SS 2013), Givenchy (SS 2013), Orri Henrisson, LF Markey, Song For the Mute.

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