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Material Boy and Another Boy Fashion Labels


Australian fashion label Material Boy pushes the boundaries of fashion by creating provocative, original clothing pieces that make the traditional menswear clothing look old, outdated and simply daggy. Ex-pro surfer Mic Eaton launched Material Boy Clothing in 2003 on the West Coast of Australia. Mic now divides his time between Indonesia and Melbourne.

Material Boy Clothing can be described as comical, relaxed and certainly bold given the labels outlook to create unique clothing pieces with individual cuts, colours and prints. One of the main slogans used by Material Boy include “celebrate you inner gay” to reflect the culture and idealism behind the brand. The Autumn / Winter Season for 2006 was the first season to really capture the attention of the Australian and international fashion world. The Material Boy collection named ‘Honey I shrunk the Boy’ featured exaggerated silhouettes with oversized hoodies, and prints on low crotch drain pipe skinny leg jeans. The summer fashion collection for 2006 / 07 was similar (and named ‘Level 19, Super Material Boy, Happy fun land’) featuring glitter boots, more skinny leg tight jeans with extra large low crotches and puffy shorts all in fluro/hyper colours.

Material Boy, like any reputable brand has gained international status being stocked throughout the globe including boutique stores in Paris, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The latest Summer fashion collection from Material boy is titled A Vomit Affair, inspired by all things vomit. I can simply summarise by stating that Material Boy clothing is definitely not your average fashion label as it has, and will continue to push to boundaries of what the male fashion genre can offer. Keep your eye for future releases of Material Boy Clothing.

But wait, it does not end there!! Given the success of Material Boy clothing, Mic Eaton has decided to create a little brother aptly named Another Label, Another Boy. This street wear label was instantly picked up across Australia by various boutique stores and also General Pants Co. Another Label Another Boy has all the vital ingredients that has made Material Boy so successful such as oversized hoodies, and bold colours and prints. Given the success of Material Boy Clothing, it is only a matter of time before Another Label Another Boy achieves similar success. We can only cross our fingers in anticipation as to what Mic Eaton has up his sleeve for this ‘more mainstream’ version of Material Boy Clothing. I suspect more vomit induced pieces will be on the way.

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