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South Korean-born designer Chrissy Hammond, came to Australia at just 6 months in 1978, when she was adopted along with her twin sister Nicole. Growing up in Sydney, Chrissy had become part of a family with a rich heritage in fashion and craftsmanship – her father worked in the fine jewellery industry and her grandparents had immigrated to Sydney after the Second World War to run a boutique fashion label. As a child, Chrissy was surrounded by her grandmother’s exquisite wardrobe and eclectic tastes, as well as being inspired by her father’s passion for immaculate craftsmanship.

She soon became obsessed with hand crafting objects of her own, which ultimately led to her enrolment on a Fine Arts Degree, with a major in sculpture, giving her the strong foundations needed for a career in design. Following her graduation, Chrissy began her career in shoe making in 1998, training and working with a local Sydney footwear designer and bespoke shoe maker.

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In 2000, Chrissy set off for pastures new heading the the English seaside town of Brighton, working with renowned shoe designer Paul Harden, assisting with his hand-made shoe collaboration with legendary designer Rei Kawakubo for Comme Des Garcons. With the experience gained from overseas, Chrissy returned home to Australia to pursue a career in freelance design and shoemaking, working and collaborating with local fashion designers and the entertainment industry.

In 2004, Chrissy decided the time was right to go it alone – using her skills in shoemaking and sculpture, she founded her own footwear label Marsu Homme. It started as an idea, a vision to create a brand known for their beautifully crafted, timeless men’s footwear. Chrissy spent two years sourcing quality materials and craftsmen throughout the globe, before formally launching Marsu Homme into stores in 2006.

The launch was met with almost immediate success, being picked up by some of the Australia’s most prestigious boutiques. Endorsed by top business consultants and creatives in her field, the Marsu Homme brand expanded quickly, soon being stocked in boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand. The expansion continued in 2009, when Jessie announced that she would be launching a womenswear line ‘Marsu Homme for Her’ for the Spring/Summer season – inspired by a masculine look and confident self expression, the line consist of classic flat and heeled sides.

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Although Marsu Homme was rapidly becoming one of Australia’s finest footwear labels, Chrissy Hammond decided to take a break from her fashion career in late 2010 to concentrate on her professional art practice, making sculptural working across different mediums. Working at One+2 studios in Sydney, Chrissy’s current studio practice is working with leather stretched on canvas stretchers, experimenting with traditional bespoke shoe crafting methods and painting.

Inspiration and Aesthetic of Marsu Homme

Inspired by artists, unique objects and cultures of the world, he Marsu Homme designer are simple and classic, yet still have a unique and distinctive feel. Aimed at today’s modern gentleman, every shoe id carefully crafted using the highest quality leathers and an uncompromising approach to production. Chrissy, sculpts every style painstakingly by hand to ensure both comfort and quality.

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