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Introduction to the Marnie Skillings Fashion Label

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Australian-born designer Marnie Skillings, knew from a very young age that she would have a career in a creative industry, greatly inspired by her artist mother, who used to make Marnie and her sisters ‘fabulous outfits and swim suits’. Having a great love of clothes and the adventure of dressing up, it seemed like a natural progression for Marnie to enter the world of fashion design.

Marnie went on to study Fine Art, before enrolling at the prestigious Fashion Design School at East Sydney Technical College. In 2000, she launched her namesake label to critical acclaim at Australian Fashion Week as part of a ready-to-wear collection with three other graduates from the Fashion Design School.

The Marnie Skillings label soon had the attention of the fashion press, regularly featuring in editorial pieces in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Nylon, InStyle and Marie Claire. A host of stylish celebrity patrons quickly followed, with Mischa Barton, Kylie Minogue, Ruby Rose and The Veronicas being fans of the brand.

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The first stand-alone Marnie Skillings boutique opened in Sydney’s Woollahra in 2007, and since then the brand has continued to go from strength to strength, and as of early 2012 offered four seasonal collections annually, plus an accessories line. The Marnie Skillings collections are available at over 40 boutiques throughout Australia, as well as being sold through boutiques in the UK and Indonesia.

Marnie Skillings Fashion Label: Key Dates

  • 2000: Marnie Skillings launches her namesake label at Australian Fashion Week as a graduate of the Fashion Design School at East Sydney Technical College.
  • 2006: Marie was asked to dress rock star siblings, The Veronicas for red carpet appearences. Also this year, Marnie was named as Pantene’s Woman of the Year in the Fashion category.
  • 2007: The first Marnie Skillings stand-alone boutique opens in Sydney’s Woollahra.
  • 2009: The Marnie Skillings fashion label collaborates with jewellery designer Jasmine Noir to create a accessories line of jewellery and accessories for the brand’s showing at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Marnie Skillings Jasmine Noir Collaboration

Marnie Skillings x Jasmine Noir.

  • 2010: The second Marnie Skillings boutique opens in Syndney’s Paddington on the ultra fashionable Glenmore Road.
  • 2011: Marni Skillings is short listed for the Fashion Designer Award at the InStyle Women of Style Awards alongside Ginger & Smart, with Lisa Ho taking the prize.

Aesthetic of the Marnie Skillings Fashion Label

You wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you.” – Marnie Skillings

The Marnie Skilling signature aesthetic is sophisticated and chic, in the cuts, colour, prints and textures used. The vintage-tinged collections fuse the antiquity of lace with sharp lines, leather and modern prints – harking back to another era while remaining fresh and contemporary. Using mostly natural fibres, such as merino wool, hand-loomed lace and Italian silk, Marnie manages to combine sophistication with feminine fun.

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