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Make Sean Famous is a boutique mens clothing label by Sean Barker

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Make Sean Famous Fashion - Mens Clothing

Make Sean Famous Mens Fashion Label

Australian Fashion Review interviewed the up-and-coming Brisbane designer for a few words about his boutique fashion label.

Please introduce yourself Sean and tell us about your background.

I have an unconventional background. Born in Korea and adopted by my current family, I was raised in Brisbane and have since then settled here. After completing my secondary schooling years, I studied Graphics and the Arts at Tafe.  I didn’t know at that point there was a menswear label in development but can certainly say it gave me inspiration to move in this direction of design.

In early 2009 I launched Make Sean Famous.  I not only wanted to bring out a menswear line but also to incorporate my fascination with colours and fabrics and the creation of garments for people who appreciate the story and expression of my label.

I had no training in the fundamentals of the fashion industry and the way things are done.  I have taught myself the process from the beginning till where I am now with help from those I’ve worked closely with in the industry.

Make Sean Famous Mens Fashion

How did the Make Sean Famous label begin?

It began with a t-shirt label.   Now into the 3rd Collection, the label is delivering a contemporary look and is receiving recognition Australia wide.  From the beginning I made the choice to produce two seasonal collections of an autumn / winter instalment and a spring / summer trend.   “A stolen matter 2010” was exciting yet challenging.    As an entire winter collection “a stolen matter” was released with a full leather shoe line and leather bag instalment supplementing the 50 piece range.  I wanted to establish and create something big.  My inspirations for each collection were becoming more diverse, and my ideas gave added expression and feeling to pursue the passions of the followers of my label.  I feel as though I definitely challenge myself through design.

What can we expect from Make Sean Famous in the coming collections?

I have many plans in mind for the future of the label.  I’m hoping over the next few years to broaden the scope of my range.   Being primarily a menswear label at present, I would like to master it first before venturing down the track into a full array of womenswear.  I just want to stay in my creative zone, and produce what I love doing.

What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label?  What is the dream?

I have a vision to be respected and known for the Make Sean Famous silhouette.  I want to give expression and feelings through my apparel to the wearer through an unexpected source.   I have always dreamed of opening my flagship store somewhere down the track.  I am certainly in no hurry to do this, as I’m happy challenging myself in the national and international arena.

Make Sean Famous Mens Fashion

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you?  What else inspires you?

I’m heavily inspired by those who create a story portrayed through their work.  My method of design is very traditional beginning with pencil and paper.  I like to see a collection give a vision of something, anything which lures me to want more.  I tend to follow these steps of design with my own work.

With each season I try to come up with something mysterious.  The entire concept of keeping the label mysterious from the beginning has been brought through the 3rd range.  “a stolen matter” was heavily inspired by the nature of astronomy and space.   Many pieces were named after constellations and the world of space itself.

In saying that, there are many fashion designers I’m inspired by e.g. Kazuyuki Kumagai, Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulmeester and Rick Owens to name a few.

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be?  Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?

I would never want to force anyone to wear my product.  I trust that the Make Sean Famous customer would represent my label by choice. I created Make Sean Famous for those who glimpse the unknown, keeping the energy mysterious yet having the label identified.

Complete the following sentence:  Make Sean Famous clothing is unique because:

The energy is mysterious, as visions are conveyed through an unexpected source.

Make Sean Famous Mens Fashion

Make Sean Famous Mens Winter Fashion 2010 - A Stolen Matter

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