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Melbourne Fashion by Designer Susie Jacobs

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Australian Fashion Review Blog caught up with Luxe Deluxe for a few words on the boutique label (interview conducted July 2011).

Luxe Deluxe Fashion - Melbourne designed women's clothing

Please introduce the Luxe Deluxe fashion label and tell us a little about its style.

Label is called Luxe Deluxe and was founded by Susie Jacobs in 2010. Luxe Deluxe is a women’s apparel range with a sprinkling of accessories. The ranges are based around natural, luxury fibres and draw on centuries old artisan techniques of embroidery, beading, textile design & laces.

How did it all start for Luxe Deluxe?

Luxe Deluxe was founded in Prahran, Melbourne in 2010. Susie Jacobs has had many years of design and senior management experience working for large companies such as Voyager and the Stitches Group. She had a passion for luxurious, bohemian style and has managed to successfully translate this desire into a fashion range.

What are the future plans for the label?

As we are an emerging brand, our plans are to be on the floors of only specialty boutiques across Australia, and then branching out to the US and abroad. We want to be the “go to” brand for those collectable, timeless pieces that will stay forever in your wardrobe.

Luxe Deluxe Fashion - Melbourne designed women's clothing Luxe Deluxe Fashion - Melbourne designed women's clothing

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw inspiration from.

Susies background is Eastern & European so she draws heavily from her own heritage for inspiration. In terms of designers, Susie is inspired by the fluidity and softness of Vionnet, Madame Gres historically and heavily references her vast library of books on textile and embroidery designs. Susie also draws upon her own private collection of antique fabric, laces, beading & artworks.

Name the ideal celebrity that reflects the Luxe Deluxe style.

The ideal celeb would be Rosie Huntington Whitely (British model/actress has an irresistible combination of glamour & bohemian cool).

Where is the label stocked?

Hoss, Eco D, Pearl Rock, Denim Iniquity, Pony, Fruitta, Luxe, Honeyd, Syrup, Cable Melbourne to name a few.

Luxe Deluxe Fashion - Melbourne designed women's clothing Luxe Deluxe Fashion - Melbourne designed women's clothing

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