LMFF Paris Runway 7 – Highlights (2010)

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival – Runway 7 Dresses

By Laurelle Kobritz

In appropriate form leading up to the 2010 World Cup, L’Oreal Paris Runway 7 was an ethnic vision of flowers, stripes, zig zags and multiple stunning coloured fabrics making up a single piece.

Easton Pearson and Tina Kalivas set the tribal mood with Kalivas’s structured mini dresses with tiny detailed of yellow, red and green woven into patterned patches. These mini’s were matched with a chunky black boot, setting the scene for a chic African adventure.

LMFF 2010 - Paris Runway Seven - Tina Kalivas Dress

Tina Kalivas

Easton Pearson’s pieces were more relaxed and had more movement through the more matured designed pieces. The standout piece was a gorgeous lime and bronze cocktail dress with black detail and big white glittering flowers shining on the skirt.

LMFF 2010 - Paris Runway Seven - Easton Pearson Dress

Easton Pearson

Akira is never one to shy away from a print, and this year was no exception. He presented a stunning yellow and purple flowing summer dress. His current 2010 collection is a palette of reds, yellow and black all bound by splashes of purple and blue.

LMFF 2010 - Paris Runway Seven - Akira Dress

Akira Isogawa

There is an overall strong trend which has shifted from safari to tribal this season. The designers are creating gorgeous pieces with a strong and wearable base colour and detailed colour patches. While some of the shapes remain bodycon and sharp, the patterns allow for movement and femineity.

Images from LMFF by Lucy Dawson.

View the official fashion designer websites – Tina Kalivas, Easton Pearson and Akira

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  1. DarlingBabyPie

    I was at VALERIE TOLOSA in Oxford St Paddington this week and LOVE her range of Belle Chapeau Melbourne Cup hats. It’s the first time I have been anywhere where the hats were all ‘one of a kind’s’.
    Apparently the milliner only ever makes one of each hat, so you feel like you are wearing a little work of art!

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