Limedrop – An Australian label

Limedrop Clothing –  Australian Fashion Label

60 seconds with the Limedrop duo!

Q1) Who are the name/s behind the fashion label and what is/are your backgrounds ?

Limedrop is created by Clea Garrick and Nathan Price.

Q2) When and how did it all begin?

We meet in small town Darwin (well really it’s a city. The gateway to Asia is what we grew up knowing it as) and feel in love. Moved to Brisbane to study fashion (clea) and marketing (nathan) & ride along the river to university together. Then traveled further south to Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. Limedrop was born somewhere along the way.

Q3) What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the


Q4) Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires
you? What else inspires you?

Our list of favourites is too long. We are inspired by the amazing people around us.

Q5) If you could pick someone famous that you’d would you want wearing your

David Bowie

Q6) Complete the following sentence: Our fashion label is unique because?

Limedrop offers a playful twist on classics; it is encouraging a second look to see the uniqueness and quality of every piece. It brings pieces that you can be confident wearing.


Limedrop represents cutting edge Australian fashion, with its strong emphasis on sustainability and innovative style.

The brain childs behind Limedrop is couple Clea Garrick and Nathan Price, both originally based in the Northern Territory, but have since based themselves in Brisbane, Sydney and most recently Melbourne.

The duo met in Darwin where the two fell in love. Clea and Nathan then moved to Brisbane to study at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) where Nathan pursued business and Clea fashion. Clea got some experience working at Brissie-based Easton Pearson in production, and Nathan as the business direction. Soon after, Limedropwas born in Clea’s graduating year in fashion design at QUT. Now based in Melbourne, their Fitzroy warehouse studio has been their creative home for the past three years.

I had the pleasure of meeting Clea and Nathan a number of years ago when I worked in a boutique store in Brisbane. I have to admit, their positive energy, enthusiasm, and creativity impressed me. At the time, I truly believed they were creating their own niche, and that it was only a matter of time before Limedrop was a success.

Limedrop Designers

Fast forward to present day, and the Limedrop label has featured in Australia’s top fashion editorials including Oyster, Russh and Frankie. Clea and Nathan have even featured in the Indonesian Harpers Bazaar!

Limedrop clothing range is always fresh, happy, innovative and signature in style. Limedrop clothing collections always include an element of unisex styling, blending his and her fashion. One of the most impressive actions by Limedrop, is its continual support to create fashion in its most ethical manner. Back in the labels humble beginnings, Limedrop only used sustainable clothing that was known to be ethically made. Such strong values have since been carried forward, highlighting Clea and Nathan’s passion to make Limedrop a fashionable yet sustainable beast –If only other labels followed their lead.

Limedrop fashion can be found in 25 Australian Boutique Stockists, and 7 International Stockists in New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore.

See the Limedrop clothing collections here –> Limedrop Clothing

Limedrop Clothing Collection

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