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“Ageless, timeless, style driven not trend driven” – Leona Edmiston

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Introduction to the Leona Edmiston Fashion Label

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Australian fashion designer, Leona Edmiston’s career within the industry began back in the 1980;s with her first fashion label, ‘Morrissey Edmiston’, a joint venture with former business partner Peter Morrissey. The pair have since went their separate ways, but during the Morrisey Edmiston days, the brand received significant domestic and international recognition, dressing the likes of Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue, Michael Hutchence, Jon Bon Jovi, Helena Christensen and Harry Connick Jr.

In 2001, Leona launched her solo namesake womenswear label, ‘Leona Edmiston‘ with husband and business partner Jeremy Ducker and they forme the company Ducker Edmiston Pty Ltd. The label has the ultimate aim of being a tribute to the dress in all its forms, with the Leona Edmiston dress being elegant, wearable and timeless.

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Leona’s concept of doing ‘The Dress’ has certainly worked, with 2011 marking a decade of the Leona Edmiston fashion label, with the brand successfully surviving the global financial crisis that has seen many Australian and international labels ceasing trading. Leona Edmiston’s success has seen the fashion label expand to include women’s ready-to-wear, a diffusion line named ‘Ruby’, a children’s-wear brand entitled ‘Little Leona’, footwear, signature fragrances and an accessories line, which includes bags, eyewear, belts, hosiery and jewellery.

As of 2012, the brand encompasses 29 boutiques – 11 signature boutiques in Australia, five Leona Edmiston Vintage Boutiques and 10 Myer Concession stores, as well as a boutique in Los Angeles, Shanghai, and a successful e-boutique. Plans are in the works for boutiques in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York in the near future. When asked where Leona sees her brand in the next ten year, she simply replied “Bigger and better.”

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Leona Edmiston: Key Dates

  • 1983: Australian fashion designer Leona Edmiston, begins her career within the fashion industry with her first label ‘Morrissey Edmiston’, a joint venture with Peter Morrissey.
  • 1996: The Morrissey Edmiston fashion label splits – Peter Morrisey launches his solo label ‘Morrissy’ a year later in 1997.
  • 1998: Leona goes it solo with her eponymous label, however, after an acrimonious split with her former business and life partner Peter Hutchison in 1999, the label ended/
  • 2001: Leona launches her solo namesake womenswear label ‘Leona Edmiston’.
  • 2009: The Leona Edminston fashion label is nominated for the Prix de Marie Claire Award for Best Australian Fashion Brand.
  • 2010: Leona Edmiston launches her diffusion dress line ‘Ruby’, which focuses on simple silhouettes teamed with bold colours, vibrant prints, while maintaining Leona’s design philosophy of versatility, taking you “from office to opera”.
  • 2011: The Leona Edmiston fashion label celebrates its ten year anniversary with an intimate showing of the Spring/Summer 2011-2012 at Sydney’s Boathouse restaurant.

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The Leona Edmiston Brand Aesthetic

Often referred to as ‘Australia’s Frock Queen’, Leona Edmiston has become well known for her use of quality fabrics, signature prints and cuts. Each of the brand’s collections celebrates the confident, urban woman, by exuding femininity and a chic, sexy sophistication. With each seasonal offering, Leona uses a variety of fabrics from her signature sleek jersey to soft luxurious silks and crisps cottons. The fabrics compliment the prints, style and flattering cuts of the Frocks – they always follow the Leona Edmiston mantra of ‘office to opera’, going from day to night with ease.

Celebrity patrons of the brand include, Kristen Davis, Maria Sharapova, Heather Locklear, Susan Sarandon, Deborah Messing, Tyra Banks, Mary Harte, Emma Bunton, Drew Barrymore, and Paula Abdul.

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Visit the official Leona Edmiston website, here.

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