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Lela Jacobs Clothing Label - NZ Designer Fashion

How did you get into fashion design?

My mother has owned two second hand clothing boutiques and my father is into industrial design so it’s been around me as I have grown up.

This has got to have had an impact on my reasons but to be honest it’s not something I feel like I consciously decided to do but something I have grown into.

I do love it, and now I’m under the expectation of next season, stockists and my own determination to design something new and different, it really just feels impossible to stop the momentum and that’s ok with me.

Where did it all begin for Lela Jacobs?

Although it probably doesn’t look like it, I feel like I’m only just beginning…..the future is knocking.

What can we expect from the Lela Jacobs label in the coming collections?

Colabs with more artists……….for summer I’m working with Berlin based artist…..Kenneth Mannchen. He has gifted two artworks to be used as prints and is at this moment painting a mural of all the lookbook and campaign images to be ready for showing when the summer collection drops to stores.

Next winter I’m looking forward to working with two new artists.

We are going to have more shows and are going introduce a forever range that will consist of the favorite staples that I don’t want to stop producing because they just keep being asked for.

Always dark and textural, always working with natural fibres, using as much local produce as possible and manufacturing in the land in which I lay my head at night.

Lela Jacobs Designer Fashion

What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the dream!?

I wish to keep growing without force and with contentment that can only be gained by staying true to your motivations.

I wish to avoid trends, hypes and bitches.

I wish to stay kind and humble.

I wish to not disclose too much of my dreams as the projected knowledge might change the dynamic/magic.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you?

There really is so many and for so many different reasons……….sorry if this is a shit answer but I don’t want to put just a few names out there.

Lela Jacobs Designer Fashion

What else inspires you?

Old garbs from old cultures, I think the best design is gained when old meets new and east meets west with a modern flavor.

Beautiful natural fabrics, they have a life of their own which makes them great to work with.

Music…….I’m currently loving; Beach House, the new LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode from the early 90’s. I have also been enjoying some hardcore metal more than normal lately………it’s strange how it makes me feel better.

My artist friends …….hence my desire for collaborations.

The Brothers Quay and Sankai Juku – butoh dance.

As you can see most things are an inspiration to me.

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?

The story of fame is so interesting to me at the moment. It seems like anyone with money or savvy on-line promo noose can achieve fame, so the word famous is irking me. I’m not saying there are not deservers out there, I’m just saying that some that do deserve it will never see it, and so many that don’t, can achieve it over night.

Complete the following sentence: Lela Jacobs clothing is unique because…..

It’s yours and you don’t even know it yet.

Lela Jacobs Designer Fashion

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