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Introduction to the lady Petrova Fashion Label

Australian designer Petrova Hammond was born into a world of fashion – her father was a fashion designer at the head of his own label ‘Lord Kim’, and her mother was his head seamstress – it was inevitable that Petrova would also venture into the world of fashion. Following her graduation with distinction in Fashion Design at Melbourne’s RMIT University, Petrova began filling an impressive portfolio with styling, costume design, merchandising and fashion buying.

Fashion Designer Petrova Hammond

Petrova Hammond – Fashion Designer and Founder of Lady Petrova

Soon after her graduation, Petrova decided to start her own fashion label and in ode to her father she named it ‘Lady Petrova’. The Lady Petrova concept boutique opened in Melbourne in 2007 and as well as stocking the brand’s own collections, also stocjs collections from local designers including, Eva Q, Violet and I, and Alex & Alex. In addition the walls are covered with illustrations and pieces for sale by local artists. As of early 2012, the Lady Petrova collections were also available through New South Wales’s N’8ked Decision, Queensland’s Drobe and Northern Territories’ Mixed Lollies.

Aesthetic of the Lady Petrova Fashion Label

As a finalist on Arena TV’s Project Runway in 2008, Petrova learnt that she had a really particular style. She takes her design inspirations from other creative mediums such as film, literature and art and adds the signature Lady Petrova cotton candy coating. By combining a fashion forward aesthetic with bespoke attention to detail, each Lady Petrova collection is full of fantasy and femininity.

Lady Petrova Womenswear Fashion 01

Recent Collections of Lady Petrova

  • Autumn/Winter 2011: For the Winter 2011 collection, entitled ‘Kizette’, Petrova was inspired by the artwork of Tamara De Lempicka and the relationship with her daughter, Kizette De Lempick, after whom the collection is named. Tamara’s young daughter and muse, Kizette was often her model too, and so wad presented as her sister to disguise her small age. Tamara’s 1930’s Art-Deco portraits featured stylish women in exquisite dresses, with sensual bedroom eyes. Petrova has channelled this subtle sex appeal into the collection with ladylike lace, voluminous silhouettes, luxurious textures and feminine detailing. Standout pieces of the collection include a vibrant turquoise cape with contrasting button detailing; a teal prom dress with black lace overlay; and a one-shouldered velvet dress in midnight blue, with ruffle detailing.

Lady Petrova Fashion Winter 2011

Lady Petrova Autumn/Winter 2011

  • Spring/Summer 2011-2012: For the Summer 2012 collection, entitled ‘Greatest Hits’, Petrova gave the power to her fans asking for their help to create the range. Photographs of every piece designed in the previous eight seasons were posted online and viewers were asked to vote for their favourites. The 12 outfits with the most votes would then make up the collection. The colour palette and fabric choices of the collection were inspired by teen romance novels and the female rockabilly singers of the 1950’s and 1960’s, giving the collection a distinct vintage cotton candy vibe. The collection features lots of ladylike fabrics, such as floral cottons, delicate lace and glitter tulle, with extra femininity added with bow and heart details. Stand out pieces of the collections include, a tie-dye prom dress with large bow sleeves; a maxi dress with delicate lace bodice and chiffon skirt; and a cotton candy lace mini shift dress.

Lady Petrova Fashion Summer 2012

Lady Petrova Spring/Summer 2011-2012

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