Ksubi Fall Fashion – Menswear 2008

Ksubi Mens Clothing – Tshirts & Jumpers for Winter

Ksubi black and white picture

Australian fashion Label Ksubi is now recognized throughout the globe as a trendsetting street style label. Ksubi clothing (and accessories such as Ksubi sunglasses) has been a hit with celebrities. The latest season collections, ‘08/01’ and ‘Special Injection’, again feature some unique style prints on cotton t-shirts. Styles range from regular cut to skinny, to super skinny. Also features in the collection is a black sequin Ksubi Jumper with intricate detailing.

This snapshot of the winter range is as solid as any release by Ksubi, so check it out below!


1 Ksubi Tshirts and Jumpers Winter 2008


2 Ksubi Tshirts and Jumpers Winter 2008


3 Ksubi Tshirts and Jumpers Winter 2008


4 Ksubi Tshirts and Jumpers Winter 2008


5 Ksubi Tshirts and Jumpers Winter 2008



01 – Ksubi Leather Man Skinny Ruin T-shirt made from cotton with a vintage worn look. The tshirt features random holes for an aged effect. 08/01 Season collection. RRP $115

02 – Ksubi Neon Flowers Basic T-shirt in normal fit made from cotton. 08/01 season collection. Black with fluro green and white print. RRP $115

03 – Ksubi Skinny P Diddy T-shirt made from 100% cotton in white with black/grey print. 08/01 season. RRP $115

04 – Ksubi Sad Earth T-shirt made from 100% organic cotton. Super skinny fit. One of the shirts from the Special Injection season collection. RRP $80

05 – Ksubi Dusk to Dawn Jumper in black with black sequins. Long sleeve style is suitable for winter. RRP$410 Season 08/01

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