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ksubi eyewear sunglasses

Ksubi ‘eye’ sunglasses (the once known Tsubi) are made from ‘unbreakable’ gradient lenses, Japanese steel and Italian acetate. Ksubi have continued their domination and redefinition of street wear designer fashion venturing into the world of shades/eyewear/sunnies. In some eyes (excuse the pun) Ksubi have created high end streetwear fashion, collaborating classic retro with ultra modern styles and materials.

Ksubi sunglasses first hit the shelves in 2004 and are now stocked in fashion boutiques throughout the world. The latest Ksubi eyewear has featured on Kanye West and M.I.A video clips (see the Ksubi Wright Sunglasses pictured below). The designer sunglasses are unisex and suit both men and women sunglasses fans.Check out some of the latest Ksubi Eye Sunglasses range available at your local funky retailer.

Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

Tsubi Eye Wright Sunglasses - Limited Edition 

1 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

2 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

3 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

4 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

5 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

6 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

7 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

8 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

9 Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

10Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

11Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

12Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

13Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

14Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

15Tsubi Eye Sunglasses Collection 2008

01 – Ksubi Milka Sunglasses available in black or red crystal. Feature long wave bearer arm in a retro 80’s style. RRP $249
02, 03, and 04 – Ksubi Grille in white, black and tortoise colours made with large dark lenses, wide arms and oversize grill. RRP $189
05,06, and 07 – Ksubi Geezer Sunnies in blue, brown crystal and tortoise. Box shaped acetate frames with gradient frames. RRP $249
08, 09 – Ksubi ‘Old’ purple/gold and black/gunmetal sunglasses in acetate with stainless steel detailing across the brow. These sunnies are straight, rigid and narrow. RRP $249
10 – Ksubi IFould Black sunglasses, 1980’s style. Flat ridge front. RRP $259
11 – Ksubi Murrel Sunglasses available in black or gold/brown. Metal oversize aviator type style. RRP $249
12 – Ksubi Lumsden White mirror sunglasses. Aviator Style. RRP $239
13 – Ksubi Milk sunglasses in black and white stripes. Ultra fun, ultra retro, ultra ksubi! RRP $249
14 – Ksubi Ruthie marble sunglasses. Oversize female sunnies. RRP $239
15 – Ksubi Padget Eye in Ivory Tortoise . Oversize sunnies. RRP $259

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  1. Designer sunglasses fetish

    Ksubi designer sunglasses are awesome. the Ksubi team have got the cool retro sunglasses look down pat, yet still manage to make them look like modern sunglasses. Ksubi should definately continue to expand their fashion sunglasses range!


  2. oldschool

    Ksubi sunglasses are pretty cool but i think the competition from Graz Eyewear, AM Eyewear sunglasses and even Chronicles of Never Sunglasses is tough. The market for designer sunglasses that are punk-modern in style seems to be heating up, even within Australian fashion labels themselves. If u take into consideration the international fashion brands, the marketplace to buy sunglasses is huge.

  3. kat

    not so sure about ksubi eyewear… just seems they are cashing in to whatever they can these days. I think the quality of Ksubi has gone down since they started producing their fashion garments offshore. does anyone know where ksubi sunglasses are made?

  4. rayno

    i have to agree with kat there, the fashion label & brand of Ksubi has gone down massively since it became mainstream. i saw ksubi jeans and tshirts selling in david jones the other day – to me, that is the ultimate turning point for a label to move from having a boutique fashion niche to major mainstream and money hungary. And your right about the quality of the ksubi clothing – its all made in china now yet they still try to charge a massive premium.

  5. ksubi sunglasses not so cool

    ksubi sunglasses are pretty much like every other sunglasses designer- ok. I’m not sure how anyone can rave about ksubi eyewear as they seem no different from other sunglasses labels? I noticed that this website features many other australian sunglasses labels but i wouldnt be able to tell the difference between any of them!

  6. Francesca

    Hi guys!!!
    I need your help: where can I find ksubi Wright sunglesses, special edition?

    Australian Fashion Review Response:

    Hi Francesca – unfortunately we don’t think Ksubi sell these sunnies anymore – sorry!

  7. Anne

    I am dying to find a pair of ksubi sunnies i recently lost my Geezers and I can;t find them anywhere. Can someone please help me!

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