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Founded in 2010 by, sisters Karuna and Kishori Purcell along with their childhood friend Marnie-Claire Hilton, Jolie & Deen is an Australian womenswear label that is focused on exceptional fits, beautiful fabrications and quality prints to create wearable, yet directional pieces for the feminine girl who still likes to experiment with their style. As of 2012, the Jolie & Deen fashion label has three stand-alone stores, including the Melbourne flagship store on the fashionable Chapel Street, which also stocks international and Australian labels, as well as their own collections.

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In the July of 2012, Australian Fashion Review Blog, were lucky enough to have a quick chat with the brains behind the operation, to find out all their is to know about the Jolie & Deen brand.

Who are the names behind the Jolie & Deen label and what are your backgrounds? What does the brand specialise in?

Having all been born into the world of fashion it was inevitable that sisters Karuna and Kishori Purcell along with childhood friend Marnie-Claire Hilton would come together, venture into the industry themselves. Following their graduation from fashion school and staying true to their ideals, they combined their skills in retail, design, wholesale and manufacturing – the perfect ingredients for launching a fashion label. They have collaborated to create a dynamic young women’s label capturing the very essence of youthful femininity.

Since Jolie & Deen’s inception the brand has been constantly growing, already having expanded their product line to also include jewellery an accessory lines, which expertly combine statement and quirky elements, creating pieces with that special wow factor that can be worn everyday.

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When was Jolie & Deen founded?

Melbourne-based brand, Jolie & Deen was born from humble beginnings in 2010 and is becoming known for its sophisticated styling with a playful sensibility. Stamping this signature aesthetic onto every collection the brand has become a label which perfectly combines femininity with attitude.

What does the future hold for Jolie & Deen?

Ideally, Jolie & Deen will continue to create garments that people love – we believe staying true to what our brand represents will be the key to its success. Jolie & Deen hopes to grow organically and eventually open more boutiques whilst successfully mastering an online store.

Despite our growth in a short time Jolie & Deen will remain dedicated to designing quality pieces whilst providing a timeless sense of style. We will also continue to develop the Jolie & Deen jewellery and accessory lines, keeping it affordable, without compromising on quality and unique design.

Name some inspirations and fellow designers you draw influence from?

Anything and everything and it is forever changing – to say one creative medium alone wouldn’t be fair. Subconsciously and consciously we gather inspiration from all different places including: the street, magazines, books, vintage, movies, travel and blogs. Our inspirations are all elements of our thinking that need to be expressed and we do this is through our love of fashion. We also draw on the emerging trends of Korean and Japanese fashion, as they are the epitome of modern sophistication, personality and individual style.

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Designers that inspire can change from season to season. Currently we are drawn to the creations of Phillip Lim, Stella McCartney, Rag & Bone and closer to home Camilla and Marc for their sophisticated youth styling.

Name the ideal celebrity that reflects Jolie & Deen’s style. Have any celebrities have already worn our label?

Few labels are fortunate to have the initiation that Jolie & Deen has already experienced. Only in our fourth season, the brand has appeared on fashion blogs such as Gary Pepper Vintage. It has received prominent media exposure and not to mention garnered a celebrity following, worn by international sister models Jess and Ashley Hart. With their ability to create an effortless sense of unique style it would be fair to say that the Hart sisters encapsulate the aesthetic of Jolie & Deen. Our aesthetic is all about juxtaposition, free and feminine and the edgy and structured.

Where is the label stocked?

The label is stocked in our three stand-alone boutiques. The design philosophy of the boutiques is to truly reflect the unique personality of the brand. Each has been thoughtfully designed to exemplify the sophisticated, yet youthful vibe inherent in the Jolie & Deen brand.

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Visit the official Jolie & Deen website, or check out Jolie & Deen fashion collections on Australian Fashion Review Blog.

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