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Jolet Womens Fashion by Melbourne-based designer Jolet Ucchino

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Jolet Fashion Label - Womens Clothing from Melbourne

Jolet kindly spared a moment of her time to answer a few questions about her namesake fashion label.

Please introduce yourself Jolet and tell us a bit about your background

The designer behind the label, Jolet Ucchino, (pronounced “Yolette”) is a former Graphic designer with a sharp eye for balance, originality and practicality. She has developed a signature style of inventive, clever tailoring combined with edgy design elements and sophistication. Garments are versatile, sculptural and comfortable with special attention to high quality fabrics and craftsmanship. JOLET supports local manufacturing, producing all garments in Australia.

When and where did the namesake Jolet label all begin?

Jolet was launched in 2008, immediately after completing a clothing production course. Having already completed a degree in graphic design at RMIT and Honours at Monash University before commencing the production course, Jolet had grounded a strong, directional design style.

Jolet’s innovative style has gained her much recognition over the years winning numerous awards as a student, including the Fledgling designer Project held by Melbourne label, Body, in 2007. Jolet was selected to design a summer collection under the JOLET label which was then promoted, produced and sold in all the Body stores nation-wide.

Since officially launching JOLET in 2008, the label has continued to go from strength to strength, having recently been selected for the Debut stand and nominated for the Debut awards at Fashion Exposed Trade Fair, Sydney in 2010. JOLET is also a finalist for the New Designer Competition for LiveStyle Festival held in Melbourne in March 2010.

Although the niche label is still in its infant stages, the label has already gained a strong Melbourne following and is now branching out nationally. Jolet appeals to women who are creative, intelligent and quietly confident, women who are inspired by the avant-garde and appreciates subtleties in design, timeless sophistication and seek to express an edgy, minimalist sense of style.

What do you hope to accomplish with the Jolet fashion label? What is the dream!?

To take it as far as possible. Distribute to high end boutiques in Australia and overseas. And become recognized as one of the leading fashion labels inthe country that is entirely Australian Made.

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person would you want wearing your label?

Chloë Sevigny , Helena Bonham Carter, Jennifer Connelly

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what inspires you?

Designing is a very emotive and introspective process for me. I often design to express emotions and feelings and tend to design a range entirely on how I may see myself at the time. Another influence is people. Random people I may come across or meet. Often people with a unique style or quirky personality will inspire me.

Favourite designers include: maison martin margiela, Nicolas Ghesquière, Boudicca

Complete the following sentence: You should buy my fashion label because…

it will make you look good.

Jolet Womens Designer Fashion

Jolet Womens Designer Fashion

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