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Australian designer Jessie Hill has a long ans successful career within the fashion industry, stretching back to when she was 17 when she made the brave decision to relocate from Sydney to LA, where she found work as a stylist for cult youth station, MTV. Following her successful stint as a stylist, Jessie set off for pastures new once more, this time finding herself in London, where she landed the job as womenswear designer for urban youth label, Buddhist Punk. This led to her debut showing on the runway, when her womenswear collection for the London-based label was showcased at New York Fashion Week.

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It was only a matter of time before Jessie branched out on her own – she returned to her native Australia and in 2007 she launched her namesake womenswear label at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Her debut collection for the Spring/Summer 2007-2008, entitled ‘Broken Windows’ was based around the classic Sci-Fi movie Blade Runner, received instant critical acclaim marking Jessie as a designer to watch.

At first this seemed true of Jessie, she was I high demand, collaborating with high end jewellery designer Elke Kramer and Australian retail giant Sportsgirl to create sought after capsule collections. However, following her Spring/Summer 2010-2011 collection, Jessie Hill fell off the map, perhaps she is taking a break from her eponymous label, we don’t know, but we do wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors.

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Jessie Hill: A Timeline Snapshot

  • 2005: Australian designer, Jessie Hill saw her designs on the runway for the first time, when her womenswear collection for London-based label, Buddhist Punk showed at New York Fashion Week.
  • 2007: Following her time at Buddhist Punk, Jessie Hill decided the time was right to branch out on her own. She returned to her native Australia and launched her namesake womenswear label at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.
  • 2008: Jessie Hill is recognised by the Chambord Design Awards as a finalist. Also this year, the label collaborates with Australian jewellery designer Elke Kramer for a boutique line of jewellery for Jessie’s Spring/Summer 2008-2009 collection, ‘Artificial vs Real’.
  • 2010: The womenswear label collaborated with Australian retail giant Sportsgirl to create a seven piece capsule collection, entitled ‘Butterfly Explosion’. The collection features heaps of luxe fabrication, such as silk chiffon, stretchy satin and cotton twill, all in bright popping tones. The stand-out of the line is a magnified butterfly-wing digital print, which is complimented with Jessie’s signature beaded embellishments, pleating and play on texture.

Jessie Hill and Sportsgirl Collaboration 2010

The Jessie Hill Aesthetic

Feminine, yet erring on the side of darkness and beautifully embellished, the Jessie Hill collections are truly a metaphor for herself; her design always a reflection of her appreciation for film and the visual arts. Blurring the lines between fashion and art, the brand’s aesthetic is as playful as it is challenging, as conceptual as it is wearable. It is a aesthetic full of contradictions – fragile yet sinister, simple yet detailed.

When creating her collection, Jessie is inspired by a wide range of cultural references from artist Salvador Dali to actress Mia Farrow. Her biggest influence comes from the films she loves, they are her muse and her central character from which flows the mood, style and tone of the whole collection. Jessie’s design’s are always distinctive, recognisable for their intricate hand-beading, embroidery, pleating and cutting applied to exquisite fabrics, such as hand painted silks, merino cashmere and silk organza.

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