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A boutique Australian label by fashion designer Brad Pengelly.

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Australian designer Brad Pengelly kindly caught up with Australian Fashion Review for some words on his boutique menswear label Jame Fame.

How did you get into fashion design? Where did it all begin for Jamie Fame?

I started by dissecting old plain tees, re-sewing them and printing them with either anarchy symbols or sayings about anarchy. I got hooked on producing punk style garments after I saw the movie SLC Punk, back in high school, if there was a single defining moment in pushing me into fashion, that movie was it. I still watch it sometimes. And for anyone who has seen it, there is an irony (that I love) in the fact that a movie clearly opposing punk for fashion was that defining moment!

Jamie Fame was born when I was about to finish Uni, It was either get a marketing job, or pursue doing the label. That was at the end of 2006. Since then, it took a while to find exactly what I wanted the aesthetic to be. I was really young when it started and if you look at the really early offerings, the label has matured a lot! Things have definitely got more refined, and will continue to.

What can we expect from the Jamie Fame label in the coming collections?

We’re currently designing our AW2011 and without saying too much, we’re focusing on using a lot of contrasting shapes and textures, and keeping a rock feel. It’s a nice feeling to be more confident and comfortable with our style and we’re happy creating garments that are completely wearable. I doubt you’ll ever see us producing runway style collections, we’ll always be a ‘disgustingly wearable’ label. The last 2 seasons we’ve really figured out what we want to be and will explore that further.

Jamie Fame Fashion - Menswear

What do you hope to accomplish with your fashion label? What is the dream!?

Many of the things we set out to accomplish, we already have, and it’s good to sit down and reflect on that for all of 5 minutes and then keep pushing ourselves. A main goal we’re all constantly working towards is creating collections that are all killer, no filler! Its something that we’ve always said we want to do and I think the past 2 collections we’ve really been on track.  Our goal is to produce head to toe collections of garments and accessories that focus on  using subtlety as the styling point. We’re not out to make outlandish statements, we want to create garments that are timeless.

Australia has got so many great boutiques, we want to secure our ideal stockists throughout Australia before we consider expanding internationally. It is something we will do though, we look forward to exploring the US and Europe in coming years. We’re building a solid base though, not trying to go too big too quick.

Who are your favourite fashion designers and what about them inspires you? What else inspires you?

I love band art, photography and music more than anything. As a group, music is something we disagree on though, what gets me excited and in a designing mood doesn’t apply to all of us!  I do think for menswear, Australia and New Zealand has the best designers in the world, nobody does grunge, ready to wear fashion quite the same.

Music is always our inspiration though, good music gets me really excited and into a creative mood. I have a really obsessive personality, if I like a song, band, etc. I’ll obsess over that and listen to it until everyone around me is well and truly sick of it. That’s why I’m not tattooed – I’d get it and be sick of them after a short while. That is why we create simplistic clothing, simplicity and subtlety are the only things that don’t date quickly.

If I do have any idols, they are always musicians. Not only because the music is inspirational, but because they are very creative yet self loathing, arrogant, yet insecure people and I find that interesting. That might be part of the contrast theme of our next collection.

Jamie Fame Fashion - Menswear

If you could pick someone famous that best represents your labels style, who would it be? Alternatively, what famous person/s would you want wearing your label?

I find the idea of celebrity quite amusing, its not something that I buy into all that much. When we were designing ‘shedding skin’ I was listening to a lot of HIM, I saw them live and had a bit of an obsession with the singer – Ville Valo, he had quite a presence. The title – shedding skin, is also lyrics from a HIM song. So for the current collection I’d say Ville Valo would be our ideal poster boy, maybe an Australian version would be perfect though.

Complete the following sentence: Jamie Fame clothing is unique because:

Jamie Fame lets you be exactly what you are comfortable being, we create garments that make you feel confident in our skin.

Jamie Fame Fashion - Menswear

Jamie Fame Fashion - Menswear

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